Sunday, July 29, 2007

Arthur Ravenel Bridge

Very few people know that I have a phobia of bridges. Ok, it's not the actual bridge I fear, it's going over the side and not being able to get all of my children out and up. I've actually contemplated having the children all wear life jackets when I know we're going over a bridge. I have horrible nightmares about bridges. I do drive over some bridges, though still wearily. The Mark Clark and the draw bridge from West Ashely to downtown I drive often. I'm fine doing over the drawbridge since I stay in the middle lane.

Before the old cooper river bridges were torn down, I drove over them once. That's right ONCE. And only because Jimmy made me. My fear was so great that I refused to look anywhere but straight ahead, I gripped the steering wheel so tight my knuckles were white and I barely breathed. If I had to go to Mt. Pleasant for any reason, I drove out of my way via the Don Holt bridge. Yeah I don't like that one either, but it was a lot wider than the cooper river bridges.

So this evening, we decided to go for a drive. When we go for drives, who ever is in the passenger seat navigates. Jimmy announced we were going to go over the new bridge. I said, "Before we go, can we go to Walmart and get life jackets for the kids?" I was serious, but he took it as a joke.

So we make our way downtown heading for the bridge. As we started off on the bridge, my heart started racing, my hands gripped the steering wheel tightly and I bit my lip. But I made it! Jimmy checked my pulse after we got into Mt. P. I did look to the side a couple of times, but only for a few terrified moments. It really wasn't as bad as the old bridges. I stayed in one of the middle lanes, of course. LOL I did drive back over it to come home. And even though my heart was still racing, I didn't bite my lip. Still gripped the steering wheel tightly though. LOL

I don't think I want to go over again anytime soon though. That was a long ride over! I am proud of myself though. I didn't have a panic attack like I did in a dream. (Though the old bridges were involved in that nightmare.)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter and IMAX

Yup! We went today! Jimmy and I took the three older ones downtown today. It was a beautiful day. During the movie, Korinne was insistent that she had to go potty. So when I took her, I looked out the window and was surprised to see it storming. THe movie did stop at one point because the power went out, but it was quickly restored and the movie resumed.

The book was way better, as usual. But the movie was still good. It's just awesome watching a movie in 3D. Jimmy was impressed! I think more from the huge ass screen than the movie, though he thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

I'm so glad we were able to take the kids. Chalk it up to another warm memory they'll have. I love doing things with them. This was just a special thing. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You will be confused. LOL

So sit back with your favorite drink and try to follow along. LOL

Jay spent a month in Tennessee with his grandparents. He's been home about 2 weeks and we're already de-spoiling him. He's already been grounded for a week. He's had the biggest attitude it's not even funny.

While he was gone, I cleaned his room from top to bottom. He shares a room with Jackson. There are NO toys in that room. Only their clothes. Jackson's toys are in a toy box in the living room. And the other toys are in Justin and Korinne's room. I was determined to have one room available that Jackson could go in to. I also cleaned Justin's and Korinne's room. (They share a room and all the toys are in there.)

I recently came to the realization that I cannot honestly bitch at them to keep their rooms clean if mine's not. So Monday, I spent all day cleaning my room in between the weekly laundry. Tuesday I stepped it up and cleaned the "laundry closet" and threw out a bunch of junk. I then moved on to the hall closet. After that I worked on the dining room. I packed up a huge lot of my books that I would normally have exchanged. (I'll get to that later.) It doesn't look like it looking at my book shelf, but I did pack up a large amount of books. In between all this, I cleaned the usual rooms, living room, hallway and kitchen, as well as cook dinner.

As far as dinner on Tuesday, we decided on meatloaf. Now I cannot stand meatloaf, but Jimmy and Jay have both been asking for it. I dreaded the thought of normal bland meatloaf with ketchup. So I went online for recipes. I couldn't decide between two. Since it called for the same ingredients until the last stage, I decided to split it in half and make it both ways. One half was with cheddar cheese done in a roll type. The other was with sauteed mushrooms and onions and covered in beef gravy. Both turned out awesome!

Yesterday the speech therapist came over so I couldn't start anything I knew I wouldn't be able to finish while she was here. When she left, however, I really tackled the kitchen.

Today, all that exertion caught up with me so I attempted a nap. I was continuously interupted by the phone ringing or people knocking on the door. So when Jackson woke up at 2:00, I gave up the thought of a nap. Maybe tomorrow will be better. LOL

The book exchange I was talking about was...there was a store here called The Book Exchange. You bring in your books and exchange them for credit. A while back I took in so many books that I had $150 in credit. After buying books, I had $100 in credit. Last weekend we wanted to try our hand in crabs. So when I drove to a local seafood place I noticed the Book Exchange was closed. Not for the day, but completely empty, void of any books. I have got to call and see if they just moved to another location.

So while going through my books, I did find a handful that I haven't read yet. That was a good thing.

In despoiling Jay, it's more on working with his attitude. For a month he was the only child there. Now he's home with 3 other children. He's back talked so much and had the nerve to tell his father No on one occasion. I talked to my MIL today and she said that while Jay was there, he did chores everyday. She thinks his attitude comes from him being so good there that he had to let all the badness come out. LOL

Wouldn't surprise me since my kids are always good for other people, just not us. LOL Wow, have I rambled a lot.

Oh wait...I hate where I live! We live in an apartment complex. Yesterday I got a 2nd notice saying our patio/breezeway should be clear of debris and trash, etc. We have three chairs backed against the sliding glass door. We have a grill against the wall. Occasionally there are toys in the breezeway, but they're always moved at night. We were also told there were cigarette butts all over the ground.

I took a picture of our patio and wrote out a response saying "Exactly what is obstructing the breezeway? We have no huge grills in the way. We have no patio tables on our porch. We have no bicycles chained outside, because we were told they were blocking the breezeway. (Our bikes are in a corner in our bedroom.) We have a small trash bag behind the grill we use for ashes from the grill and for trash our children bring hom from the playground." Jay and I walked around the complex tonight with my digicam and took pics of so many porches in violation of what we're being accused of. I burned them to a disc and sent it with my note to the office. At this point with all the complaints I have against this place, I don't care what they think about my note and the disc. They can all fucking rot in hell for all I care.

I'm tired of my kids coming home complaining about other kids bullying them. I tired of calling the office with complaints. I'm tired of calling the cops because the office does nothing.

Last week, I had Jackson at the playground and the grandson of one of the office women through a football that would have hit Jackson in the head had I not turned at the right moment and blocked it. When I said something to him, he started cussing me up and down. I called the Grandmother at the office the next morning and she patronized me while apologizing. I simply reminded her that because of Jackson's problems, if he were to be hit in the head, I'd have to take him for a CT scan and they would be paying that bill.

The 5th of July, there was a kid about 9 years old lighting up those fire crackers that you have to throw as soon as you light them. His mother was sitting on a bench nearby halfheartedly telling him to move away from the playground. As he was walking, he lit and threw a firecracker. It landed and went off less than 2 feet from Jackson.

I was irate! Yet I know these people could care less about their children, let alone other people's children.

Man I hate other people's kids! Okay not really, I just hate the parents around here!

Are you confused yet? LOL

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To write or not to write.

That is the question!

Writing has always been a hobby of mine. Well not so much a hobby as a passion, sometimes an obsession. I have three trapper keepers (remember those?) bursting full of stories I started. I have even written about 20 poems, though the last one was when I was pregnant with Justin and it was like the words were bursting out of me from him to Jay.

The past few weeks, my mind has been bombarded with story ideas. No matter what I do, I can't get them out of my mind. Jimmy has told me for years to finish at least one. He told me once, "Dammit, Kaytee, I'm tired of finding your writings and getting really into them only to find there's nothing more! Finish something!" I want to. I really do. But what then? I'm not good with rejection. I'm not good with sharing my stuff with others.

Yet I cannot get rid of this obsessive need to start typing and not stop. Of course with 4 kids home, I can't ideally do that. I'm just going to have to give in to this obsession and see what comes out of it. I still don't know what to do if I've been successful in telling these stories. Maybe just having finally finished one, I'll find satisfaction. I hope so.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Please pray!

My sister's sister-in-law had her baby the other day. I don't care for this girl, but I don't wish her baby harm. The baby was born so early she only weighs a pound and a half. Anna was due in October. The baby is in the NNICU, the same one Jackson was in for a couple of months. I haven't been able to reach my sister since the other day so tonight I did a search and located her MIL. I was told the baby is hanging in there. She can breath on her own but they have her on a respirator to make it easier for her tiny body.

Of course, all I can think about is my own girls. That were just under a pound and just over a pound. Why are they fighting to save this one child and didn't to save my two? I'm sure that's selfish. I really do pray this baby makes it without major problems. So please all keep her in your prayers.

Thank you.