Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ok so we're in about week 3 of actively potty training Jackson. I say about week 3, because since the accident, I seem to have lost all concept of time worrying about having three teeth pulled soon. That's another story. I digress. We're in say week three. I bought him a package of skivvies, size 2t-3t. Of course his little butt is so skinny, I have to safety pin the back. LOL I bought a potty seat we keep in the living room. He wears his skivvies and until this week would only pee in the seat. For #2, he'd wait until a diaper was put on him at naptime or bedtime. Or he'd be sneaky, take of said skivvies and #2 wherever he thought was out of Mommy's line of vision. This was usually in one of the other kids' bedrooms. Once I told him, I'd pop his butt if he pooped in a nother bedroom, I think he got the idea.

Monday, while the three older ones and I were otherwise occupied spring cleaning their rooms, he came running out of the living room with his skivvies and pants down around his ankles, yelling, "I went poopy in my potty! I went poopy in my potty!" Having heard this before, I skeptically checked said potty seat and sure enough he had gone "poopy in his potty." LOL After doing the obligatory woohoo dance, he asked for ice cream. (I'd told him last week if he pooped in his potty I'd give him ice cream.) Now this was about 15 minutes before lunchtime, so I only gave him a small scoop. Of course, the three older ones thought this was unfair because they wanted ice cream also. I quickly reminded them that when they were potty training, they too recieved special treats the first time the poopied in their potty seat. I'm sure they don't remember that though. LOL

So since Monday, he's been doing well with both aspects in his potty seat. We've even gone as far as letting him wear his skivvies during naptime. He wanted to wear them to bed tonight until I told him he could not have a cup of water beside his bed. I don't think he even drinks the water at night, it's more of a security thing, because the sippy cup is always as full as it was when I gave it to him. Fot the other stuff, the kids are on spring break this week...lucky me. LOL I've had them working cleaning their rooms. I don't mean just straightening up. Oh no, we've gone for the whole schebang! Went through every single thing in their rooms. For just Justin and Korinne, that equaled 3 lawn bags of dirty clothes they'd hidden from me. I know, you're asking, how can they hide dirty clothes from you? Don't you do their laundry? The answer is yes I do their laundry, but those two have accidents sometimes and hide it from me. Since I wash what I knew they wore the day before, I didn't think to look in closets or boxes or containers for additional dirty clothes. Unfortunately the heating element went out in my dryer a few weeks ago so I've had to depend on the weather to hang clothes outside. Normally, I'd just go to my MIL's to do laundry, but since the accident, Jimmy's been driving my car to work leaving me without transportation.

However, my in-laws wanted the two older boys this week to put them to work in their yard, so off they went today. At the insistence of my MIL, the three lawn bags of dirty clothes went as well. Her reasoning was her dryer works and the weather hasn't been all that good lately, so the clothes will get done faster. I love my MIL! I still have a huge box filled with smelly blankets though. LOL It's supposed to be nice tomorrow, so I'm hoping to knock some of those out and get them cleaned.

I have to say though, as soon as those boys left today, I was met with silence. Korinne and Jackson play well together. They're content together or playing alone. It was soooooo nice!