Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tis The Season

I've never really thought there were many generous people. A lot online (y'all) but rarely in real life. So I was shocked today when Jimmy came home for lunch with this huge box stocked full of toys. One of his co-workers, who's only been there since the summer, gave Jimmy the box. Apparently he and his wife do this every Christmas year, buy lots of toys and give them to someone he works with. He told Jimmy that we were picked this year. This guy had 5 kids so he understands how hard it can be.

Jimmy's not one to tell a bunch of people our problems, but this guy apparently, knowing how many children we have, listened, I mean really listened to what Jimmy wasn't saying. I, of course, started crying when I saw everything stuffed into that box.

Then Jimmy came home with a grand. He'd finished the side job he'd been working on and had called the guy Monday and told him to pick it up Wednesday and bring money. I was given permission to let my inner bitch out Friday morning if the guy didn't show. And believe me, I would have loved that moment. LOL It's been awhile. LOL He talked to the guy yesterday and was told that he would be by today to pick up his vehicle and pay Jimmy. When he didn't show up by 4, he showed up at his business. Jimmy was not happy he had to show up in person, but he was paid nonetheless. So I can go shopping this weekend! I cannot wait! I'm so friggen excited! Jimmy doesn't really like to shop, so my mom is going with me. I don't like shopping alone. LOL

Justin was sick on Tuesday, home with a fever. He seemed fine the next morning so I sent him to school so he wouldn't miss his Christmas party. When he came home, his fever was back. He had a small fever this morning that went away. It's back. 101 orally. Not too bad, considering it was 102 on Tuesday. NOW, Jackson is running a fever. 103 under the arm. I can't take his temp using the ear thermometer because his canals are so narrow no one has ever seen his his ear drums. He's too young for under the tongue and I've never been able to bring myself to take a temp rectally.

I'm calling the doctor in the morning. I'd rather be safe than sorry since it's Christmas weekend. He's also pulling at his ears. I hope it's just a virus, but again better safe than sorry.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Even funnier than last year

I saw this decoration last year and it still cracks me up this year. It looks like a penis. It's supposed to be a candle. But yesterday when Jimmy came home I said, "Look Honey, the penis is in the window again." LOL This picture doesn't really do it justice. LOL

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Story behind the picture in my profile

The picture is actually upside down. You're actually looking at the reflection of Korinne and me. This is the hood of the Escort wagon we had that Jimmy painted. I happened to be standing by it when Jimmy took a picture. That's how shiny the hood was. Jimmy calls this picture 'Reflections'.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blogger Beta?

For those on blogspot, are any of you using the beta program? I'm not quite sure how I like it. Though I did finally get a picture in my profile. So I'm quite happy about that. LOL

I don't understand the rest yet. I can change my templates fairly easy, but I'm worried I'll lose something and I just don't know how I'd go about fixing it back. LOL For anyone using the Beta program, what can you tell me that will help and make it easy and fun? Thanks in advance. :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Accident prone...

Damn I'm so accident prone lately! First I fell on a toy and knocked myself unconscious. Then the other night, I lose my balance trying to turn the light off and fall into the Christmas tree completely breaking the stand and some ornaments.

So here's what happened. The tree was set up directly under the cord to turn the light off on the ceiling fan. Normally I have to stand on tippy toes to reach it anyway. With the tree being under it, I had to stand on tippy toes WHILE leaning over to turn the light off. However Wednesday night, as I was attempting to turn the light off, I lost my balance and fell into the tree and fell hard on my butt.

So not only did I break the tree stand and bruise my butt, I broke all of my girls' ornaments. The twins and Korinne's. I was able to buy a new stand today but have yet to find ornaments to replace those I broke.

I woke up the next morning, knowing what had happened and felt like the worst mother in the world! To credit my kids, they didn't question what happened to the tree or the broken ornaments. God I love them!

So now I'm walking around very very carefully because I hurt so bad. I didn't even realize I used butt muscles for the littlest things like coughing. LOL Now I know.