Monday, January 26, 2009

Psycho Neighbor pt. 3

Ok the neighbors to the right of psycho are packing up and moving to Texas. For the past month, they've had a sale...everything goes. The Friday after the swing incident, I was sitting on my porch watching an older couple load a chair into the back of their truck, get in and prepare to leave. There were several vehicles parked on the side of the road. This truck happened to be parked in front of psycho's house...not blocking a driveway or anything. Not that that would matter since neither of them drive. So I'm watching this truck wait to pull out when psycho comes running out his front door pointing and yelling at these people to move their truck. Yelled that they can't park there, they're blocking traffic. They weren't of course as the street is wide enough for cars to park on the side. They leave and he's still cussing and yelling. This car pulls up with a couple maybe in their 70s. He charges towards their car cussing and yelling at them. So I calmly walked over and told the couple they were welcome to park in my yard, or even my driveway. I wasn't going anywhere.

He turns his rage on me saying I'm just mad I won't let my brats play on his swing. I said, "My kids don't want to play on your cheap a$$ swing. You told me to keep them off. I've kept them off. You're the one that keeps bringing it up." He then says, "Tell your GD kids to stay out of my yard!" I calmly said, "My kids don't play in your yard. Keep your dog out of my yard." He says it's not his dog. The neighbors moving are giving him the dog so by this coming Friday it will be his dog. @@ So as he's yelling and cussing he steps one step to me. I put my hands on my hips and raised an eyebrow, and stood my ground. By then there are witnesses outside from the yard sale. I think once he realized I'm not the type of woman to be bullied, he stepped back, pointed his finger at me and yelled, "I'm calling the law!" I snapped back, "Call the law, Steve! What are they going to do?! Not a darn thing! Because nothing has been done to you!" His girlfriend comes out and starts yelling at him telling him he needs an attitude adjustment.

It's been a couple of weeks since that last incident. He barely even looks my way. I still go about minding my own business. I know I shouldn't have said anything at the yard sale. But he was menacing these old people and the wife had such a look of terror on her face.

Oh the day of the swing incident, he yelled he was calling my landlord. As luck would have it, my landlord happened to come that evening for the rent check. Psycho knew who he was but didn't take one step towards my landlord. LOL

I've since decided I'm going to keep my camcorder charged and discreetly video tape any more outbursts so when the cops become involved, I have proof.

My kids ignore him now. Granted he doesn't say hi to them anymore. She does. She still talks to me. I don't have a problem with her. And she knows it. I've instructed my kids to stay in ours or Justin's friend's yard. Don't talk to him, don't even look at him.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Psycho Neighbor pt. 2

A few weeks ago it had warmed enough the kids were outside playing. Justin said Jay had sat on the neighbors swing. It's just a bench type swing, nothing fancy or anything. So I told Jay to stay off the swing as it's not ours. I step outside and Steve leans on our carport and says something to me. I didn't hear since I was reading a book. So I looked up and asked what he'd said. He said, "Would you please tell your kids to stay off my swing?" He was beligerent about it. I said, "Ok." And went back to my book. He got mad and slammed his front door. At that time, Korinne comes over and said Steve told them they couldn't play inthe back. We have a HUGE back yard. Jimmy comes out and I tell him what Korinne said. So we walk to the back where she, Justin and Justin's friend were playing. I asked them to show me where they were playing when Steve fussed at them. All three showed us, which was clearly in OUR back yard. So I pointed to this tree that is just on the border and I told them not to go past the tree. Steve comes out the back and starts yelling and cussing at me. Then starts yelling and cussing at Jimmy. Jimmy said, "There's no reason for you to talk to us that way. You told us to keep our kids off of your swing. They'll stay off. Not a big deal." I guess Steve didn't like that because he yelled he was going to call the law! LOL Jimmy told them to go ahead. Our kids have not been in their yard. Steve has since moved the swing to the side of the house with a sign saying $25.00. LOL No one has bought it. It's definitely not worth what he wants for it. LOL

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Psycho neighbor pt. 1

Here's some background history. We moved from SC to TN last June. We lived with Dh's parents for the first month while we looked for a place to live. We found a charming 5 br, 2 bath house for $260 less than what we paid in Charleston for a 3 br apartment. The house has it's problems and the two large bedrooms are only used for storage since our kids seem to not enjoy having their own rooms. LOL But we're adjusting. To our immediate left is a very small house where two bachelors live. They have a lot of visitors that make me think there's some dealing going on. Whatever. They're friendly and don't involved us in any of their issues. The house next to them is a single mom with her 15 yr old and 8 yr old. Her 8 yr old plays with Justin. Her 15 yr old likes to experiment with hairstyles on Korinne.

Now on to the psycho neighbor...he's to the immediate right of us. The very first time we met them was when we came to look at the house. She proceeded to tell us that her two boys are in foster care, not why, just that they are. Ok red flag there. A complete stranger telling us that. But, the house was large enough for all of our kids to have their own rooms and within our budget. We've lived here since the end of July. We never had a problem with the neighbors to our right until Christmas break. Now the neighbors to our right is a heavy-weight woman that I think has health issues. She rents the house. Her boyfriend is this scrawny bean pole with no job. Aside from her telling us her boys are in foster care, I've been fine with her. She's always been nice and polite. Her boyfriend is the psycho.

During Christmas break, our cat ran outside a couple of times, played for an hour and came back. One day psycho knocks on our door with our cat in his arms, saying he brought Stormy back because they have a sick cat in their shed and they don't want our cat getting sick. I noticed a nasty scratch on his palm, but thanked him and brought Stormy inside. As I was closing the door, I saw Stormy's flea collar on the ground. I picked it up thinking it had come loose. Nope, it was broken! So then I started wondering what the hell psycho had been doing to my cat to break his flea collar and warrant the nasty scratch. Stormy puts up with a lot of rough handling from Jackson. Jackson isn't used to having something smaller than him around so he's a tad rough with the cat. Yet the only time any of us have been scratched by Stormy is when he's in a playful mood, jumping all over the furniture and we happen to walk through.

Well later that day, Jay comes in saying psycho wants to know if Stormy has had his rabies shots. We got Stormy from our landlord when he was 5 months old and she had his shots done before she gave him to us. That's what Jay told psycho. Not even an hour later when I was outside, psycho comes over and asks about the rabies shots. I said "Steve, you know Jay has already answered that. Why are you asking again?" He got pissy and walked off. And that's part 1 of 3 in psycho neighbor stuff. LOL