Friday, March 30, 2007

Whatever happened to teaching children right from wrong?

This evening Jackson and I were leaving to rent movies. As I was stepping out the front foor a group of 4 girls, 3 older than 10, 1 around 6 or 7 were walking by. I hear the younger one say, "Hey should I go steal the bike?" She looking over at Korinne's tricycle that's sitting in the grass in front of our apartment. They all notice me and watch me sit the car seat down, glare at them and drag Korinne's bike to the porch. Then they all hear me telling Jimmy through the screen door to keep an eye on her bike because some kids had just commented on stealing it. He comes out and says (LOUDLY), "We're surrounded by thieves!" What happened to parents teaching their children it's wrong to steal? When my children come home with something that I know isn't theirs, I make them return it, whether it's to the person or wherever they found it.

This past weekend, Jay (stupid as it was) left a PS2 game belonging to my cousin on our porch. Our neighbor that had come over to play mentioned he saw another kid messing with the case. I sent Jay out to get the game. The game was not in the case. (Jay insisted it was.) So we went to the child's parent and I asked her to please keep an eye out for the game, explaining that it was on our porch and a neighbor saw her son messing with the case. She said her son didn't even own a PS2, but promised she'd keep an eye out for it.

However, it turned out the game had been in our apartment all along. When I found out, I went straight back to the boys apartment and told his mother, "We found the game and I want to apologize for coming over and asking if your son had it. I only had my neighbors account to go by." She said it was alright and thanked me for coming back by. She then said that the same thing had happened to her son when they used to have a game system. Only the game really had been stolen. I told her, "Well I felt I should come and apologize to you and your son." She seemed genuinely shocked by that. But I feel I was wrong and needed to admit it.

But what about the children around here that seem to think it's okay to walk off with something they clearly know doesn't belong to them? The same day the game couldn't be found, one of Justin's friends came over asking where his bike was cause Justin had been riding it. Justin insisted he'd left it where the other child had left it before. So I sent Justin out with his friend to look for it. A friend of Jay's was over and said he saw some big kids riding it. We spot it and sure enough kids too big for the bike are riding it. So D goes to get the bike and I'm watching them talk for a few minutes, then D comes back with the bike. He went up to them and said, "That's not your bike." One kid said, "Yes it is." D says, "No it's not. It belongs to that little boy over there. I don't want to start anything, but if you don't give the bike back, you're not going to be happy." The kid eventually gave D the bike back, making Justin's friend very happy.

Man I can't wait to move from here! I'm so tired of all the bullshit we deal with.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Jimmy and I watch this show on the Speed Channel called PINKS! It's basically where people race each other, best 3 out of 5. If you lose the race, you lose your car. I'm completely addicted to this show.

Well Easter weekend, the show is doing an All out race. There will be several hundred people that show up with their cars. It will be dwindled down to 16. Then down to 2. The last two, whoever wins the best 2 out of 3 wins 10K. We've seen a couple of those shows on the Speed Channel. However, this time, there will be an all out race in North Carolina at the Rockingham Dragway Easter weekend.

I'm so excited to go! A friend of Jimmy's referred us to a hotel that he said charges $60 a night. I called and was told it was $90 a night. When I questioned why, the bitch got an attitude with me and said, "It's a bigger race." Then put me on hold. So I hung up.

I then went to and checked rates. Now the hotel I originally called was 10 miles from the dragstrip. I found an available room 7 miles from said dragstrip. I entered that it would be for 2 adults and 2 children. The website quoted $58.50 plus $5 for each additional adult and advised me to call. So I called. At the actual hotel, I was quoted $55, plus an additional $5 per extra person and a cot would be brought in for each extra. I was fine with that so I made the reservation. I'd already told the woman that Jimmy and I would sleep in the double bed and the children would sleep in sleeping bags. (We're only taking the two older ones. The two younger ones are staying with my Aunt.) So I was expecting to be charged at least $65 plus taxes. The woman I spoke to called me back not 5 minutes later and said, "Mrs. P-----, we're only charging you the $55 plus tax, because the room you're getting has a sofa that converts to a bed and if your children are small enough, they can both fit there." I told her the children were only 6 and 11 and she said, "Then there's no reason to charge the extra." I was so happy. I told her that I would definitely give a positive review for her.

It really doesn't matter that the hotel is a small one and not popular like the others. We're going to be at the event longer than at the hotel. When we finally go to the hotel, it will be only long enough to sleep before we head home.

I will still give a positive comment to this wonderful woman who was so nice and didn't gouge the price just because there was a "bigger race" than usual in the area.

I'm so looking forward to this "vacation!" LOL

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mommy Brag!

The boys get out of school early tomorrow due to parent/teacher conferences. This morning, I emailed both teachers inquiring as to when I'm supposed to be at the school tomorrow. Usually I recieve a notice asking me to give three times I'm available.

Justin's teacher emailed me at lunchtime. Here's her email..."hey Katee- conferences were only scheduled for struggling students, but I am happy to sit down with you or set up a telephone conference about your wonderful son Justin. He is reading and writing on a 2nd grade level most of the time, and his critical thinking skills are way beyond his young age. He is a sponge- he loves soaking up everything you put in front in front of him- in ANY subject! He is self-motivated and eager to contribute in any topic- I am so proud of all his growth and progress in written and oral expression. I have sent him to the principal and various 1st grade teachers to show off his creative writing ability! What a wonderful and caring young man you have raised! Congratulations!"

I was so proud, I had tears in my eyes. Jimmy strted teasing me about it. LOL I'm so proud of my young man. And to think he's only in kindergarten! LOL

Monday, March 26, 2007

Much better!

YAY! Jackson has been puke free all day today. It was so awesome seeing him play and smile again. There was no school today, so it was such a long day! I started out making them give their rooms a good cleaning. I managed to get Justin and Korinne motivated by having them "race" me. If they finished their room before I finished the kitchen, we'd do arts and crafts. That worked. They finished at a quarter to 10. Yes they beat me. LOL

Jay, on the other hand, proved harder to bribe. LOL But he did finish a few minutes after 11.

It's a good thing they cleaned because I got a notice from the office that they're doing inspections Wednesday. Supposedly to inspect maintenance items, appliances and general condition. They're starting the inspections at 9am. So sometime between 9-5, they'll be here. I hate being inconvenienced. And Jackson has his speech therapy at 11. I don't think I've ever lived anywhere where there was an inspection. They do have maintenance prevention every couple of months, where they check the hot water heater, fire extinguisher, faucets, etc. But to do an inspection on the condition?

Jimmy and I are seriously hoping to buy a house soon. I'm tired of the people around here. The kids around here have no respect for other people or their property. The other day, Korinne and the boys were outside playing. Korinne's bike was maybe a hundred feet from her. Yet I watched this older boy hop on her bike and start riding it around. I went out there and fussed at him. He said, "Well she just left it here." I pointed and said, "She's right there! How about you stop taking things that aren't yours." It's not the first time I've had to chase down their bikes. Even when they're been parked on our porch!

That's one of the main reasons we want to move. The other is next year because their school is doing renovations, the students will be bused to Ron McNair off Spruil Avenue. I do NOT think so! If I wanted my children to go to school over there, I'd live over there! I will do anything in my power to keep my kids from going to school in that area. I know the staff will be the same, but I just will not feel comfortable with my children being over there. So, not gonna happen!

Anyway, wish us luck on finding something big enough yet affordable.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

No better

Well I took Jackson to the doctor this morning. Yup, he has a stomach virus, thankfully he's not dehydrated. Monday, I was so proud that he weighed 19 lbs, 12 oz. (He'd gained 10 ounces in a month.) Today, I was disheartened to learn he now weighs exactly 18 lbs. I was able to get a few ounces of pedialyte in him without him getting sick. That didn't last long though. He's been sleeping pretty much all day. I was told to just continue what I was doing. Pushing fluids and holding him. Please pray he gets better soon. I do NOT like my babies being sick. :(

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Going to the doctor...

(Sung to Going to the Chapel) and we're gonna get better....

After long agonizing day of trying to get fluids in Jackons, only to have him throw up shortly after, I'm taking him to the doctor in the morning.

I called the ped's office this morning and spoke to Debbie. (Debbie used to live across the street from Jimmy and her son grew up with Jimmy. So I know she will steer us in the right direction.) She told me since he'd just thrown up to wait 2 hours and give him an ounce of pedialyte. If he did well, give 2 ounces in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, we didn't have any pedialyte, Jimmy had already gone to work and I didn't want to risk him getting sick again at the grocery store and possibly infecting others.

Instead I gave him water. He sipped on 2 ounces the entire day, dry heaving when nothing would come up. He had no wet diapers all day, only diarhhea. He's been sleeping pretty much all day and crying in between because I think he's hungry. He just can't keep anything down.

Debbie told me if it continued to bring him in, so that's what we're doing in the morning. I just hope he doesn't need to be hospitalized. It was all I could do all day not to break down and cry. Please keep him in your prayers that we can help him without any hospitalization. I don't want to see him in there again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stomach virus?

While at the store earlier buying the honey needed for dinner, Jackson hurled. All over himself and the floor. I dropped the honey and my purse and ran him to the next register looking for a trash can and paper towels. An older woman standing in front of me, stepped outta line, picked up my purse and the honey and stood with me while I cleaned up Jackson. We get back in line and he hurls again. The cashier joked, "This always happens in my line." She looks over at a co-worker and says, "We have an up chuck clean up." And laughs. LOL

We get to Lucy Blue and I take his clothes off him. I didn't want his car seat to get all yucky. As I'm finishing buckling the kids, I see the woman that had helped me so I called out to her and thanked her. She said, "I don't know how you stayed so calm." I said, "I have 4 kids. LOL" She laughed and said she figured because I was just matter of fact about the whole thing.

We get home and I let Jackson run around in just his diaper while I cooked dinner. I put him in his high chair and gave him something to eat. He seemed fine. Then about an hour later he got sick again. I cleaned it up and sprayed carpet cleaner. He doesn't seem to be able to keep anything down. I gave him a little juice and not even 15 minutes after drinking he was sick again. He's not running a fever or anything, so I'm thinking it's a stomach virus.

Pork Chops

I do not like pork chops. When I was growing up we had them every other day. And they were always bland and dry. I haven't cooked a pork chop in over a decade.

However, I decided to buy some pork chops when I went grocery shopping. I knew I didn't want to eat it bland and dry, so I went to my trusty computer and looked up recipes.

This is the one I used tonight. Honey-Soy Glazed Pork Chops. It was so delicious! Jimmy obviously liked it because I didn't hear a word outta him until he was finished eating. LOL I even liked it. It was super easy to make. The chops were finished before the rest of the food. LOL

I'm actually looking forward to making them again. We're going to try the glaze on steak kabobs this weekend. I'll let you know how those turn out. LOL

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My total fine is $435.60

This is a Meme stolen from Uncle Zoloft that I thought was fun.
  • Smoked pot -- $10
  • Did acid -- $5
  • Ever had sex at church -- $25
  • Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you -- $40
  • Had sex for money -- $100
  • Vandalized something -- $20
  • Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10
  • Beat up someone -- $20
  • Been jumped -- $10
  • Cross dressed -- $10
  • Given money to stripper -- $25
  • Been in love with a stripper -- $20
  • Kissed someone who's name you didn't know -- $0.10
  • Hit on some one of the same sex while at work -- $15
  • Ever drive and drank -- $20
  • Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk -- $50
  • Used toys while having sex -- $30
  • Got drunk, passed out and don't remember the night before -- $20
  • Went skinny dipping -- $5
  • Had sex in a pool -- $20
  • Kissed someone of the same sex -- $10
  • Had sex with someone of the same sex -- $20
  • Cheated on your significant other -- $10
  • Masturbated -- $10
  • Cheated on your significant other with their relative or close friend -- $20
  • Done oral -- $5
  • Got oral -- $5
  • Done / got oral in a car while it was moving -- $25
  • Stole something -- $10
  • Had sex with someone in jail -- $25
  • Made a nasty home video -- $15
  • Had a threesome -- $50
  • Had sex in the wild -- $20
  • Been in the same room while someone was having sex --$25
  • Stole something worth over more than a hundred dollars-- $20
  • Had sex with someone 10 years older -- $20
  • Had sex with someone under 21 and you are over 27 -- $25
  • Been in love with two people or more at the same time-- $50
  • Said you love someone but didn't mean it -- $25
  • Went streaking -- $5
  • Went streaking in broad daylight -- $15
  • Been arrested -- $5
  • Spent time in jail -- $15
  • Peed in the pool -- $0.50
  • Played spin the bottle -- $5
  • My total fine = $435.60
  • What's your's?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Justin's project

Justin has a project due Friday on "Catching a Leprechaun." He and Jimmy came up with a faboo idea! It's going to be a bank of some sort called 'Pot of Gold Savings and Loan.' The floor surrounding the pot of gold will be made of double sided tape. The pot of gold (a small metal bowl with a bag of amber colored stones) will be in the middle of the "bank." There's going to be a trap box over the pot of gold so when the leprechaun goes to get the gold, he'll hit the trip wire, his feet will be stuck and the cage will fall down. Can't wait to see how it looks after they've finished it. I'll be sure to take pics. :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

WELL worth the dollar!

My 16 year old cousin spent the night with us on Saturday. I picked him up Saturday morning before Jimmy went to work. Later, after Jimmy repaired my flat tire, B and all four of my kids ventured to the store for groceries.

While there, B mentioned that he'd always wanted to try a coconut. They were a dollar a piece, so I told him to go pick one out.

Later Saturday evening, B, Jimmy and I were on the porch watching B pound on this coconut with a hammer. He finally got it open and tried a piece. The look on his face was just priceless! He had this look like I'd made him eat cat litter or something. So he tried the coconut milk. That was even worse. Korinne was out with us watching the whole thing. LOL

I sent her inside to fetch the boys cause they'd both wanted to try the coconut. Jay was first. His face was the same screwed up face B had made. Same with Justin. Now Korinne had been watching this whole thing so I thought, "There's no way she's going to try it." BUT, she did! And made the same horrific face. LOL Jimmy and I laughed so hard we almost fell out of our chairs.

Yesterday when we took B home, I mentioned to my Aunt about the coconut. She started yelling at me! Literally. Saying how B had asked for a coconut the other day at the store and when she said she didn't have the money to waste, he pitched a fit and said, "Well Kaytee will buy me one!" I was not about to be yelled at for something so stupid, so I said, "Okay I'm going now, Bye." And left quickly without a goodbye!

Now, B NEVER once asked me to buy him anything. He mentioned he wanted to try one and I've always wondered about them. We happened to be at the store and they were only a dollar, so I told him to grab one.

No he didn't manipulate me into buying one, It was a casual mention as I was looking through the produce deciding what to get.

But I have to say, even if he HAD asked me to buy one, it was well worth the dollar just to see the faces he and my three older kids made. LOL I'm still laughing my ass off about it. LOL

Friday, March 09, 2007

Something fun

This seems to be me. LOL
You Are A Walnut Tree
You are strange and full of contrasts... the oddball of your group.You are unrelenting and you have unlimited ambition.Not always liked but always admired, you are more infamous than famous.You are aggressive and spontaneous, and your reactions are often unexpected.A jealous and passionate person, you are difficult in romantic relationships.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Speech Therapy

Jackson has started speech therapy. He had his 3rd session today. Last week, Krista was teaching him the signs for 'more' and 'all done' as he was playing with her toys. So all week, I'd been working with him on those words also. At last, progress! The other night, Jimmy finally got him to say Mama. YAY! I was so happy, I almost cried. So now he calls me Mama.

The other day when Jackson finished lunch, I signed and said, "All done?" And he signed it and I swear it sounded like he said it also! So today while Krista was here, they were playing and he signed all done. And even signed more when he wanted more toys. I was so proud! She brought over 2 dvds that she'd burned of cartoons teaching sign language. We'll be watching those in the morning.

On another note, I was finally able to get in touch with the speech therapist at the boys' school. We have an appointment Friday morning for Korinne to be evaluated. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What a bunch of bull!

I decided, for fun, to get auto insurance quotes online so see if we could find something less expensive.

We currently have GEICO with coverage on 3 vehicles. Lucy Blue is full coverage with ERS at 25/50/25. Deductible at $250. The Tempo is liability with comprehensive, same limits as Lucy Blue. The truck liability only. We pay $657 every 6 months. I've had one accident I was at fault in in the past 3 years. Jimmy has had one ticket for a seat belt violation.

The lowest quote we got was from a company I'd never heard of (and I used to be an auto insurance agent at Beach and Beach and later at GEICO) at over $900 every 6 months. Progressive was almost $1100 every 6 months.

Those people are totally smoking crack or something. I even emailed progressive and told them they were out of their minds. They claim they can save more money than GEICO, yet they were quoting me $400 MORE than GEICO. Go figure.

I think I'll stick with GEICO. Forget those other companies. Plus, I LOVE those caveman commercials. LOL

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I have such a thoughtful Uncle!

My uncle David is one of a kind. He's only 6 years older than me. We've ALWAYS been close. And he's gay. I could care less.

When I lived in Cali with my grandmother and her husband, he forbade me from being alone with my uncle because he was gay. My response was "What did it matter, he isn't interested in girls, so he won't touch me!"

Despite all the bullshit I went through, we have always been close. Well right now he works at the Corning ware store at the Tanger Outlet Mall in North Charleston.

Tanger Mall. While walking around, we found the store my uncle works at. So we checked it out while chatting with him. We invited him over today for dinner.

Jimmy was sick but stayed in the room, so my mom and Uncle both came over and I cooked for them. My uncle showed up with a couple of glasses and a couple of shot glasses Jimmy and I admired from his store. That was so nice of him.

This same uncle, my fave uncle, also gave me a 12 set of real crystal wine glasses years ago. He's also bought things for my kids just because. He's more of a brother to me than an uncle. Besides, how can I think of him as an uncle when I grew up with him. He's 6 years older than me. But I'm 6 years older than my own sister. So other than parentage, what makes him different?

He's been offered a job in Florida. I so hope he doesn't take it. I like having him near me.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

BEST coobook ever!

One of the dietitians I spoke to recently about Jackson mailed me a suggestion for a cookbook. It's called "What's To Eat? The milk-free, egg-free, nut-free Food Allergy Cookbook." I was lucky enough to find it on eBay.

It arrived in the mail today and I have to say, it's awesome! I looked through some of the recipes and was quite impressed that some of the recipes I usually use are in there with alternative ingredients.

I cannot wait to try them out (without telling the others) and being able to feed Jackson the results.

I now know exactly what to look for in ingredients and what to use to make every day meals that we all usually eat. So YAY, go me! LOL

Friday, March 02, 2007 news!

I got a call from the endocrinologist yesterday while I was out running errands. He said Jackson's lab work all came back negative. Everything is fine and he suggests we just continue modifying his diet with foods that are higher in protein.

Jackson had his 18 month check up this morning. He's still below the charts for everything but you can tell there's been a steady rise in weight, height and head circumference. He was so well behaved during his appointment. He sat there so patiently while they poked and prodded him. The nurse even said, "Is he always this good?" I said "Sometimes." LOL He cried for just a few seconds after he got his shot.

<Ok off the subject of his appointment. But just now, Jimmy leaned over for me to give him a kiss. As he's walking away, Jackson is following him and tapping his own lips. I get Jimmy's attention and when he turns around, Jackson lifts his head for his own kiss. Yeah it was sweet enough I got all verklempt! LOL