Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Jimmy and I watch this show on the Speed Channel called PINKS! It's basically where people race each other, best 3 out of 5. If you lose the race, you lose your car. I'm completely addicted to this show.

Well Easter weekend, the show is doing an All out race. There will be several hundred people that show up with their cars. It will be dwindled down to 16. Then down to 2. The last two, whoever wins the best 2 out of 3 wins 10K. We've seen a couple of those shows on the Speed Channel. However, this time, there will be an all out race in North Carolina at the Rockingham Dragway Easter weekend.

I'm so excited to go! A friend of Jimmy's referred us to a hotel that he said charges $60 a night. I called and was told it was $90 a night. When I questioned why, the bitch got an attitude with me and said, "It's a bigger race." Then put me on hold. So I hung up.

I then went to and checked rates. Now the hotel I originally called was 10 miles from the dragstrip. I found an available room 7 miles from said dragstrip. I entered that it would be for 2 adults and 2 children. The website quoted $58.50 plus $5 for each additional adult and advised me to call. So I called. At the actual hotel, I was quoted $55, plus an additional $5 per extra person and a cot would be brought in for each extra. I was fine with that so I made the reservation. I'd already told the woman that Jimmy and I would sleep in the double bed and the children would sleep in sleeping bags. (We're only taking the two older ones. The two younger ones are staying with my Aunt.) So I was expecting to be charged at least $65 plus taxes. The woman I spoke to called me back not 5 minutes later and said, "Mrs. P-----, we're only charging you the $55 plus tax, because the room you're getting has a sofa that converts to a bed and if your children are small enough, they can both fit there." I told her the children were only 6 and 11 and she said, "Then there's no reason to charge the extra." I was so happy. I told her that I would definitely give a positive review for her.

It really doesn't matter that the hotel is a small one and not popular like the others. We're going to be at the event longer than at the hotel. When we finally go to the hotel, it will be only long enough to sleep before we head home.

I will still give a positive comment to this wonderful woman who was so nice and didn't gouge the price just because there was a "bigger race" than usual in the area.

I'm so looking forward to this "vacation!" LOL


Kit said...

That's awesome! What's the name of the hotel?

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

It's called America's Best Value.