Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Charleston Drivers

I've always felt Charleston has the worst drivers. And don't even get me started on them when it's raining! This coming from someone who learned to drive in Los Angeles. LOL I think the worst drivers are the ones in my apartment complex in the mornings when the bus comes. It seems that's when people have lost their minds.

I'm one of...oh 5 parents...that actually goes to the bus stop with their kids. The other morning, this idiot comes to the 4 way stop just as the bus is coming to his left. The lights are already flashing, yet this idiot attempts to turn left and has to stop in the middle of the intersection because the bus' stop sign was out. YES in the MIDDLE of the intersection. I mean, come on. He had to know the bus was stopping when the lights were flashing.

So after the bus leaves, I'm waiting for one car to turn then I start crossing. I'm pushing Jackson in the stroller with Korinne holding onto the side. I hear, rather so much as see, this suburban nail the gas. A split second later, They slam on the brakes and I'm jerking the stroller back. My stomach drops and I screech "Jesus Christ!" The absentminded driver waves in apology. And as I'm just about running the rest of the way across the street, I'm thinking, "You'd better be sorry! Cause you'd be more than sorry had you hit my baby and Korinne. Well and me ofcourse.

It wasn't even her turn to go as she wasn't the first one at the stop sign. So had I not been walking across the street, she'd have t-boned the car that was going the same way I was walking.

Another driver that witnessed it rolled ehr window down and says to me, "Is she blind?" I said, "Apparently. To miss a grown woman with a child, pushing a stroller."

Before Justin entered the homework club, I witnessed several drivers almost hit kids that were crossing the street because they were in such a hurry. Is it ridiculous to expect drivers that HAVE to stop at a 4 way stop to actually stop? And to be more cautious when bus full of kids is at the bus stop? I guess I'm just that naive.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To JanetLee

For JanetLee

I completely agree with you! And I have 3 men and 1 woman I'm raising right now. I want my children to know that they have to work hard to be recognized for whatever it is they've done.

I admit, my children are spoiled in that they have more than I did growing up. I tell them they're special. But at the same time I also tell them that they have to earn respect and recognition.

For example, with the game Jay invented for the inventor's convention, I knew it wasn't all that great. But he did his best. He did win Honorable Mention because it was unique and wasn't a variation from another game. I knew he'd be upset for not winning an award. But I told him he needed to work harder next year.

Jimmy told me I was being too harsh for telling him that although I loved his project and it was fun for us to play, that he probably wouldn't win. I argued that it was realistic to prepare him for failure so that he would work harder the next time.

I hate "labels." Jay was diagnosed with ADHD. Yes he's hyper and yes he has some trouble paying attention to things that don't interest him. But I refuse to let him use that as an excuse for anything. I feel I'm harder on him than my other kids because I know how smart he is, and I know that even though he hates English and History, that he knows the material. He just doesn't care and tries to say it's the ADHD. No, son, it's not. He does well on all the tests. So I know he's learning something.

The same goes for when one of my kids comes home saying so and so made fun of them and said whatever. I want to teach them that it doesn't matter what others say. They know it's not true. So why let the other kid get to them? No, they're not always going to be the best. The smartest. Most creative. Or whatever. They have to learn that for themselves. I try, as their mother to prepare them for the worst, while hoping for the best. Does that make me a negative person? I've been told so. I've been told I'm ruining their self-esteem. I just want them to be prepared and work harder for the best.

Time for a change already...

Just like every day, I laid Jackson in his crib for his afternoon nap. Korinne was tucked into her bed. So I, of course, was laying in my bed, almost asleep when I hear Jackson crying. I jump outta bed to check on him. I open the door, and he's sitting on the floor holding a controller for one of the game systems.

I have NO idea how he landed when he fell out. Now standing in his crib the top came to just under his neck. The little bugger climbed out! So I laid him in my bed with me. I was too paranoid to put him back in his bed where he could climb out and hurt himself.

So this evening, I went in the room armed with an allen wrench. Took the mattress and bedding out and lowered the mattress to the lowest setting. I know he's 18 months old, but he's so small, I thought I had more time before having to lower the mattress.

Now Jay, he was put in a regular bed at 18 months old because even with the mattress on the lowest setting would climb out and crawl in bed with his Nanny and Graddaddy. (We lived with my in-laws.) The first time he did that to me, I almost had a panic attack. My father-in-law was a charleston county deputy sheriff at the time and was on the night shift. So we were always quiet in the mornings. When I couldn't find Jay after looking every where else, I finally risked the wrath of my FIL and peeked in his room, where I found Jay fast asleep snuggled in his Granddaddy's arms.

Justin was in a crib until I put him in a toddler bed when I was pregnant with Korinne. Korinne was in her crib until I was pregnant with the twins. So there was no climbing out with them.

But anyway, I digress. I'm not ready for Jackson to grow fast. He's my baby. He's my last born. I really don't like it when Jimmy calls him a toddler. He is not a toddler until he's at least 2! SIGH! I want to savor every moment with him. And I do.

Monday, February 26, 2007


I REALLY hate when a books ends without ending. I hate to be left wondering what the hell happened. I just finished reading The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult and am sorely disappointed. I've read most of her books and was pleased with them. But this left me hanging. I do NOT recommend this book to anyone.

Rolling my eyes...

I just watched Junior from upstairs walk across the playground. Every few seconds, I'd see him tug his shirt down. His pants rode just below his butt. Now seriously, tugging on your shirt to cover your butt? Pull your damn pants up! What is it with these boys that think their ass hanging out of their pants is cool? I think they all look ridiculous. I sure hope my boys have more sense.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This and That

Today, Jackson is exactly 18 months old! YAY! He's come a long way. To celebrate, I bought him a new stroller. (Well a new used stroller from Once Upon A Child.) His old stroller was missing the tray. When we went fishing over the summer, Jimmy took the tray off to fold the stroller up and forgot to put the tray in the van. Yep, he ran over it. I didn't like the front being open the way it was. (I'm weird like that.)

So today, I bought him a stroller WITH a tray in front. LOL Got a good deal on it too, like I always do at Once Upon A Child. (I LOVE that store. It's my Toys 'R Us. LOL

We had a wonderful weekend. I decided to get grocery shopping out of the way on Friday. And WOW was it nice going with only Korinne and Jackson rather than all four as usual. So my Saturday was free. I put in a cd my mom made me full of Oldies and put the kids to work cleaning. Jimmy came home from work earlier than usual so we hung out and had a good time.

This morning, I got up and cooked french toast for us. NOT thinking, I gave Jackson a slice with strawberry jelly. It wasn't until AFTER he ate it and I cleaned him up that I was smacking myself for giving him french toast that I'd dipped in egg mixture. Thankfully, he only got a few little splotches on his cheeks that went away after an hour or so.

We hung out at home all day. I went and bought a new folding table and chairs and we spent the afternoon playing Monopoly until Jimmy grilled some cheeseburgers (on the indoor grill since it was so windy today.) This evening, we played Yahtzee. I barely beat Jay at Monopoly (he had hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk. LOL) Justin kicked ass in Yahtzee.

It was a great weekend! I do NOT like Sunday evenings knowing the kids go to school the next morning and Jimmy goes to work. I LOVE our weekends. (SIGH)

Oh and because of me playing the Oldies cd, I caught the kids singing songs from it several times over the weekend. LOL

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Will wonders never cease

After intervening all day long because Justin was picking on Korinne. I'm sitting here and I realize that they're actually getting along. Not only are they getting long, for once Korinne was making up a game and Justin was playing with her. He even told Jay to butt out because it was Korinne's game when Jay tried taking over.

Of course that didn't last long. Justin finished playing with her and now she and Jay are back and forth at each other. Korinne just told Jay she hated him. Jay's response, "I don't care cause I'll always love you." I said, "You remember that the next time you tell me you hate me." LOL

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jackson and speech

A speech therapist came over this morning for an evaluation. She interacted with Jackson and watched how he interacted with us. She decided Jackson qualifies for speech therapy, so they're going to set up a plan for him. I'll know more later.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Endocrinologist appointment

So we had Jackson's appointment with the endocrinologist. According to his height and weight ratio, he's the size of an 8 month old. He'll be 18 months on the 25th. They drew blood and got a urine sample. I'm to call next week for the results. Please keep your fingers crossed that there's nothing wrong.

With everything he's gone through, I need a break!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Absolutely beautiful!

So I walked outside earlier to call Justin in for dinner. And this is what I saw.
Of course, I HAD to run inside for the camera. My camera doesn't do the actual site justice. But all I could think was...WOW!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I've done it...

I am now a soccer mom. LOL I have two signed up for soccer, per their requests. Practices start around March 3rd, games begin in April. Justin and Korinne both wanted to play soccer. They're going to have so much fun.

And Justin lost his first tooth...a bottom front tooth. Leave it to my Justin to be different. LOL

Nag, nag, nag

So I've been nagging Jimmy for months to post on his blog. Finally last night I go to type out what he's written only to find that his blog was deleted or something. So I set him up with a new one. And typed away. I think this time he'll participate more on his blog. I mean he always has something to talk about, why not talk about it on his blog also? LOL

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Old Friends

For the past, oh five years, I've been trying to find my best friend from 8th and 9th grade. I've done all kinds of searches, paid $10 here and there to get email addresses and whatnot. Over a week ago, I finally hit pay dirt! I sent an email (didn't have the email addy, sent it through the site) giving my name, message and email addy, etc. Well Yesterday I got an email from her! I was so excited! We just got off the phone after having talked for almost an hour. It was so nice to finally find her and talk to her. Now that we have each other's email addresses and phone numbers, we can keep in touch. I'm on cloud 9 right now! LOL

Monday, February 12, 2007


Select few know the problems we've had with one of our upstairs neighbors. Mainly the 15 year old son and his friends. We've had major problems and I've dealt with them calmly as to keep my irish temper in check.

However today, said 15 year old that is always skipping school, prevented me from letting my daughter outside to play on the porch. During the week, she only plays on the porch since her friends are in school and there's no one at the playground to play with.

Today I kept her inside because said 15 year old was upstairs on his balcony with a few friends smoking pot. Just before Korinne asked to go outside to play, I stepped outside and was overwhelmed with the smell wafting downstairs. I was irate! But held my tongue.

Tonight when the kids mom was walking by and she asked me how my day went, I said, "I had to keep my daughter inside because your son and his friends were up there smoking pot." She yelled for her son to come over and asked who was with him today. He said no one. So she asked again. She said, "Who did you have here smoking pot?" When he tried to deny it she said, "Don't lie because Miss Kaytee saw you." I said, "No, more I SMELLED it." He got all pissed off about it. And huffed off. His mom said if I smelled it again to just call the cops. I don't like cops anymore, which is the only reason I didn't call today. But if I smell it again and have to keep my daughter from playing outside again, I will call them.

I hate living here. I can't wait to move. Though because of all of Jackson's problems, I refuse to move too far away from MUSC. So as it is, we're looking for something a little bit in the country. With no close neighbors, but close enough for me to drive to MUSC. As many problems as we've had here, I dare these people charge us for breaking a lease. I've been bodily threatened by two "mothers". My son has had paint fly on him due to careless maintenance men (don't get me started on that!) AND I've complained several times to the office and to police about the upstairs neighbors for being loud and waking Jackson up. I think I have reason enough to break our lease. So let them try to charge me, I'll sue. Not for money but so they can't get anything from me!

A DAMMIT and an OMG!

I got a call today from my "counselor" at Babynet needing the number for Jackson's insurance company. He's on Jimmy's plan through his employer. She called me back not long after I gave her the info to delicately tell me that according to Cigna, Jackson's coverage was terminated on 1/31/07.

I called Jimmy first and was freaking out. Jackson has an appointment tomorrow to get his RSV shot. Then after I calmed down, I called Cigna and while their computers showed Jackson's coverage had indeed been terminated, there was no reason why. I told them that we were still having money taken out of Jimmy's check for Jackson's insurance. I was told to have Jimmy's employer resend the info and it would be retro-acted to the date of termination so there would be no loss of coverage.

I called Jimmy back and told him, he said he'd speak to his boss. I said, "Ok I'll wait to hear back from you before I call the office myself."

I didn't hear from Jimmy until he came home at almost 7pm. Of course, I was shitting by then, not only because I didn't hear back from him concerning the insurance, but also because he didn't call to say he'd be late.

When he spoke to his boss, his boss was irate because he'd already paid the premium for February and was taking the money out of Jimmy's checks. I hope this is resolved soon. As far as Jackson's appointment tomorrow, I'm going to go in there pretending I know nothing and pay my $50 co-pay. I couldn't reschedule this appointment. He has to have this shot every 30 days, regardless. Because of his late start and all he has to have these RSV shots to prevent RSV. If he gets RSV, it could damage his immune system to where he'd need to be hospitalized. I do NOT want that!

On the OMG side, I had this best friend in 8th and 9th grade in California that I've been trying to find for over 5 years. I have paid the $9.95 several times to get info on her. To no avail. However, this past weekend, I must have hit the jackpot because I recieved an email from long lost friend today! Complete with an email address and a home phone! I'm still excited about that! She still lives in California so I have to remember the three hour time difference. But damn I'm happy I was able to find her!

Friday, February 09, 2007

You've GOT to be kidding me!

Jay doesn't really like to read unless it's nonfiction and deals with cats or insects. However, recently he's gotten involved in these books called Warriors. They're all about cats. He's actually reading them, so we've started buying books from Books A Million for him.

Tonight I went on eBay to see if I could find them with a better deal. Yeah right! The books sell for $5.99 at Books A Million, with our 10% discount. On eBay they're more than that when you combine shipping. And those are USED books! Are they out of their friggen minds? If I'm going to pay more than $5.99 plus tax, I'm going to go to the bookstore and buy brand new.

Sometimes those people on eBay are full of shit!

About me Meme...

I'm enjoying these memes so I stole another one from Mike. Apparently it started out as an e-meme, like we haven't all gotten those. LOL So here's mine.

  1. What is your occupation? Domestic Goddess/Engineer
  2. What color are your socks right now? White
  3. What are you listening to right now? The Benchwarmers
  4. What was the last thing that you ate? Huge cheeseburger from Sonic
  5. Can you drive a stick shift? In more ways than one. LOL
  6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Emerald green
  7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? the friend that built my computer
  8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Absolutey. He's funny and flirty and oh so nice!
  9. How old are you today? 31
  10. Favorite drink? Vodka and Oj or a shot of goldschlager
  11. What is your favorite sport to watch? PINKS! (Lose the race, you lose your ride.)
  12. Have you ever dyed your hair? A few times
  13. Pets? Do 4 kids count? A husband? If not, then no pets.
  14. Favorite food? Japanese food! YUM!
  15. What was the last movie you watched? Well we're watching Benchwarmers now
  16. Favorite day of the year? Any day I wake up.
  17. I think Mike was hungry and ate #17
  18. What was your favorite toy as a child? Carebears, Matchbox cars, and GI Joes
  19. What is your favorite, fall or spring? Spring
  20. Hugs or kisses? Both
  21. Cherries or Blueberries? Cherries
  22. Do you want your friends to email you back? Most of them do eventually.
  23. Who is most likely to respond? LOL I loved Mike's answer to this
  24. Who is least likely to respond? Everyone
  25. Living arrangements? One husband, four children
  26. When was the last time you cried? I got teary eyed today, does that count?
  27. What is on the floor of your closet? boxes, books, shoes
  28. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? Since I'm not sending this to anyone it doesn't matter.
  29. What did you do last night? Watched 3 of my fave shows
  30. Favorite smell? My kids freshly bathed
  31. What inspires you? Jackson, he's my fighter
  32. What are you afraid of? Losing another child
  33. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? Cheese
  34. Favorite dog breed? Huskies
  35. How many years at your current job? 11 years, 3 months and 3 days
  36. Favorite day of the week? Sundays, I make Jimmy take the day off
  37. How many states have you lived in? 6
  38. Ever driven a motorcycle or heavy machinery? No
  39. Do you have a house phone that is NOT cordless? No
  40. 10 inches of snow or 100 degree weather? Well if I had to choose, I'd choose the...oh hell neither!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

There are days...

There are days when I almost resent being a stay at home mom. I miss going to work and meeting new people. I miss the freedom I had when I was single. I even miss the freedom I had when we only had Jay and it was easy to find a sitter for one.

I say almost, because I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. I LOVE being home with my kids. I grew up feeling unloved from my mother. Feeling she blamed me for being born, as she once told me. Terrified of being a mother only to treat my children as she treated me. Maybe that's why I chose to leave Jay with sitters whenever I had the chance. After all, I was only 20 when he was born.

However now, now that I'm older and more mature, I realize that I can choose how I live my life. I absolutely LOVE all of my children (and wish I could have more.) I have Jay, though I partied and worked my life away the first 3 years of his life, who is becoming a gorgeous young man who gets on my last nerve. We're dealing with stealing concerning him. He hasn't learned that I constantly know how much money is in my wallet. That's another story there.

There's Justin, who looks the most like me and is such a good child, even with my temperament. Sometimes, I want to say he's my favorite. (Anyone that denies they have a fave child is in denial or a liar.) He's so smart and everyone loves him. His teachers and the counselors at the homework club. The Homework club doesn't normally take kindergartners but one a year. This year Justin was chosen on a trial basis. So far all of the counselors have lectured their classes on how well behaved Justin is. And how they're giving him extra work to do while the other kids finish their homework. His teachers even send different homework sheets with him because he's more advanced than his classmates. I feel so proud that finally one of my kids loves learning like I did.

Then there's my Korinne. My only living daughter. Who is so like me that it scares me. She has my temper. My vindictiveness (that I've learned to control.) She even has my hair! Our hair is straight on the outer layer and curly on the inner layer. She's so beautiful that I worry so much for her safety. I dare anyone to hurt her. I will cut them down so fast, they won't be able to breathe!

Then there's my Jackson, who has been through so much. Yet he's the most loving baby I've ever seen. I took him outside yesterday to play and he spotted his older brothers and took off running to them. As soon as he reached Justin, he threw his little arms around him and just squeezed. Then he did the same with Jay. During the day while it's just him, Korinne and me, he is constantly holding on of us. I've never seen a more giving and loving baby. And yet, I pray he'll be a healthy baby soon. He's got an appointment this month with an endocrinologist for failure to thrive. He's got constant appointments for hearing tests because they believe he has a mild hearing loss. I can't give him regular foods because he has mild allergies to milk, eggs, and peanuts. He has upcoming speech therapies because he's almost 18 months and doesn't talk. (The doctors are thinking it's because of his hearing loss.) Despite everything he's going through, I've never met a more loving baby. He gets so excited when his Daddy walks in the door for lunch or for the evening. He gets so excited when the boys come home from school.

The only thing that could make my life more complete is if I had Pheobe and Audrey with me. I know they're here in my heart. But I want to HOLD them. I want to see them grow. They would be 2 1/2 years old now. Had they lived. I see them in my mind and they're absolutely beautiful!

Despite me missing my carefree days, after reading all I wrote, can you blame me for choosing the life I have? I can't. Despite my moments, I love my life. I love my children. I love having my home clean and dinner ready when Jimmy comes home. I swear I'm a throwback from the 50s. LOL

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Justin brag

Most of you know that the place we live offers a Homework club free to the residents. Jay is part of it. You have to be 6 to join. Justin turned 6 in November. In the beginning of the school year, I put Justin on the waiting list because I was told with children that young, they wait until the child has gotten their 2nd report card.

They got their report cards on the 24th. So with Justin's report card, we spoke to the supervisor of the Homework Club. He agreed to let Justin join on a trial period. Because he's in kindergarten and usually kindergarteners aren't allowed to join. He allows one a year. This year, it's Justin.

Justin's first day was this past Monday. Yesterday, when I saw the kids outside, I went out to talk to the counselors to see how Justin did his first week. One counselor (one I didn't really care for) says "Oh I love Justin! He is so well behaved. I just gave a lecture to my class on how Justin is only 6 and in kindergarten and is the best behaved child in my class." I beamed, of course. She says, "He's the only one that finishes his homework quickly and raises his hand at all times."

I try to look serious and say, "Well I emailed his teacher and asked her to send extra sheets home for practice since I know he finishes his homework quicker than the other children." Justin gets two worksheets of homework a day. Ms. N. says, "Even with the extra worksheets, he finishes before the other kids." He came home Wednesday with a total of 10 completed worksheets and only 2 were actual homework! So they started giving him things to write until the class is ready to go outside. And man! Justin has such neat handwriting!

Jimmy and Jay have h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e handwriting. So it's so nice that one of my children, so far has nice handwriting and is eager to learn.

Justin has been making me buy him books because he loves to read so much! I'm so proud! Finally I have one that loves to read as much as me! LOL

Friday, February 02, 2007

YES! I did it on my own!

I got a new computer (my prize with our tax refund.) When I logged onto my blog, all of my links and everything was gone. I asked Heather to help me fix them. Before she could do so, they came back but were all screwy.

Tonight, I was sitting here trying to see if I could figure it out by myself without losing anything. And guess what?! I did!!!!!!!! Go me! I'm getting my blog customized my own way. I'm so proud of myself. :) Can ya tell? LOL

Jackson's haircut

After careful consideration...and a lot of arm twisting, I had Jackson's hair cut. He's had a hair cut before, but just a teeny tiny trim. Now that he no longer wears the helmet, he has nothing to keep the hair out of his eyes. LOL So here's the before.
Here's the after...