Monday, February 12, 2007

A DAMMIT and an OMG!

I got a call today from my "counselor" at Babynet needing the number for Jackson's insurance company. He's on Jimmy's plan through his employer. She called me back not long after I gave her the info to delicately tell me that according to Cigna, Jackson's coverage was terminated on 1/31/07.

I called Jimmy first and was freaking out. Jackson has an appointment tomorrow to get his RSV shot. Then after I calmed down, I called Cigna and while their computers showed Jackson's coverage had indeed been terminated, there was no reason why. I told them that we were still having money taken out of Jimmy's check for Jackson's insurance. I was told to have Jimmy's employer resend the info and it would be retro-acted to the date of termination so there would be no loss of coverage.

I called Jimmy back and told him, he said he'd speak to his boss. I said, "Ok I'll wait to hear back from you before I call the office myself."

I didn't hear from Jimmy until he came home at almost 7pm. Of course, I was shitting by then, not only because I didn't hear back from him concerning the insurance, but also because he didn't call to say he'd be late.

When he spoke to his boss, his boss was irate because he'd already paid the premium for February and was taking the money out of Jimmy's checks. I hope this is resolved soon. As far as Jackson's appointment tomorrow, I'm going to go in there pretending I know nothing and pay my $50 co-pay. I couldn't reschedule this appointment. He has to have this shot every 30 days, regardless. Because of his late start and all he has to have these RSV shots to prevent RSV. If he gets RSV, it could damage his immune system to where he'd need to be hospitalized. I do NOT want that!

On the OMG side, I had this best friend in 8th and 9th grade in California that I've been trying to find for over 5 years. I have paid the $9.95 several times to get info on her. To no avail. However, this past weekend, I must have hit the jackpot because I recieved an email from long lost friend today! Complete with an email address and a home phone! I'm still excited about that! She still lives in California so I have to remember the three hour time difference. But damn I'm happy I was able to find her!


Ami said...

Hope it all gets figured out soon and properly. You've really had a lot of crap this year with insurance, haven't you?

What's RSV?

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...


It's hard to explain. But for premature babies, or babies that had problems at birth, it can be quite serious and lead to death. So I'd rather not take the chance.