Monday, February 12, 2007


Select few know the problems we've had with one of our upstairs neighbors. Mainly the 15 year old son and his friends. We've had major problems and I've dealt with them calmly as to keep my irish temper in check.

However today, said 15 year old that is always skipping school, prevented me from letting my daughter outside to play on the porch. During the week, she only plays on the porch since her friends are in school and there's no one at the playground to play with.

Today I kept her inside because said 15 year old was upstairs on his balcony with a few friends smoking pot. Just before Korinne asked to go outside to play, I stepped outside and was overwhelmed with the smell wafting downstairs. I was irate! But held my tongue.

Tonight when the kids mom was walking by and she asked me how my day went, I said, "I had to keep my daughter inside because your son and his friends were up there smoking pot." She yelled for her son to come over and asked who was with him today. He said no one. So she asked again. She said, "Who did you have here smoking pot?" When he tried to deny it she said, "Don't lie because Miss Kaytee saw you." I said, "No, more I SMELLED it." He got all pissed off about it. And huffed off. His mom said if I smelled it again to just call the cops. I don't like cops anymore, which is the only reason I didn't call today. But if I smell it again and have to keep my daughter from playing outside again, I will call them.

I hate living here. I can't wait to move. Though because of all of Jackson's problems, I refuse to move too far away from MUSC. So as it is, we're looking for something a little bit in the country. With no close neighbors, but close enough for me to drive to MUSC. As many problems as we've had here, I dare these people charge us for breaking a lease. I've been bodily threatened by two "mothers". My son has had paint fly on him due to careless maintenance men (don't get me started on that!) AND I've complained several times to the office and to police about the upstairs neighbors for being loud and waking Jackson up. I think I have reason enough to break our lease. So let them try to charge me, I'll sue. Not for money but so they can't get anything from me!


Ami said...

I'm sooo sorry. As a former apartment dweller (who nearly lost her mind with the shitheads who lived above me) I can really really sympathize. We were trapped.. no money, no place we could afford to go to.

Sonia said...

man that sucks. Apartment living SUCKS. We did it for so many years...and it's so much harder when you have kids.