Saturday, February 03, 2007

Justin brag

Most of you know that the place we live offers a Homework club free to the residents. Jay is part of it. You have to be 6 to join. Justin turned 6 in November. In the beginning of the school year, I put Justin on the waiting list because I was told with children that young, they wait until the child has gotten their 2nd report card.

They got their report cards on the 24th. So with Justin's report card, we spoke to the supervisor of the Homework Club. He agreed to let Justin join on a trial period. Because he's in kindergarten and usually kindergarteners aren't allowed to join. He allows one a year. This year, it's Justin.

Justin's first day was this past Monday. Yesterday, when I saw the kids outside, I went out to talk to the counselors to see how Justin did his first week. One counselor (one I didn't really care for) says "Oh I love Justin! He is so well behaved. I just gave a lecture to my class on how Justin is only 6 and in kindergarten and is the best behaved child in my class." I beamed, of course. She says, "He's the only one that finishes his homework quickly and raises his hand at all times."

I try to look serious and say, "Well I emailed his teacher and asked her to send extra sheets home for practice since I know he finishes his homework quicker than the other children." Justin gets two worksheets of homework a day. Ms. N. says, "Even with the extra worksheets, he finishes before the other kids." He came home Wednesday with a total of 10 completed worksheets and only 2 were actual homework! So they started giving him things to write until the class is ready to go outside. And man! Justin has such neat handwriting!

Jimmy and Jay have h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e handwriting. So it's so nice that one of my children, so far has nice handwriting and is eager to learn.

Justin has been making me buy him books because he loves to read so much! I'm so proud! Finally I have one that loves to read as much as me! LOL

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Ami said...

Sounds like he's having fun. Learning *should* be fun.
I miss the younger days of my own kids, although I really like who they are becoming and what they're like.