Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time for a change already...

Just like every day, I laid Jackson in his crib for his afternoon nap. Korinne was tucked into her bed. So I, of course, was laying in my bed, almost asleep when I hear Jackson crying. I jump outta bed to check on him. I open the door, and he's sitting on the floor holding a controller for one of the game systems.

I have NO idea how he landed when he fell out. Now standing in his crib the top came to just under his neck. The little bugger climbed out! So I laid him in my bed with me. I was too paranoid to put him back in his bed where he could climb out and hurt himself.

So this evening, I went in the room armed with an allen wrench. Took the mattress and bedding out and lowered the mattress to the lowest setting. I know he's 18 months old, but he's so small, I thought I had more time before having to lower the mattress.

Now Jay, he was put in a regular bed at 18 months old because even with the mattress on the lowest setting would climb out and crawl in bed with his Nanny and Graddaddy. (We lived with my in-laws.) The first time he did that to me, I almost had a panic attack. My father-in-law was a charleston county deputy sheriff at the time and was on the night shift. So we were always quiet in the mornings. When I couldn't find Jay after looking every where else, I finally risked the wrath of my FIL and peeked in his room, where I found Jay fast asleep snuggled in his Granddaddy's arms.

Justin was in a crib until I put him in a toddler bed when I was pregnant with Korinne. Korinne was in her crib until I was pregnant with the twins. So there was no climbing out with them.

But anyway, I digress. I'm not ready for Jackson to grow fast. He's my baby. He's my last born. I really don't like it when Jimmy calls him a toddler. He is not a toddler until he's at least 2! SIGH! I want to savor every moment with him. And I do.

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