Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Invention Convention...last post...

Yesterday (Monday) we had to go to Citadel Mall and register Jay's invention. The judging was that night with the awards ceremony tonight (Tuesday.) Jay, Korinne and I went tonight. He didn't place. But his school totally kicked ass! At his school, only the 5th graders participate. From his school, we won 3rd and 1st. AND one of his teacher's won Best Teacher participation...with a set of 4 Michelin tires from a sponsor.

For those that read my previous post on bitching about who won 1st place at school...that person did NOT win 1st place here (nor did his PTA supporting Mama and "money" play a part). The child that won first place was the one I originally thought should have won 1st place for a game called Math-O-Matic. Her game was awesome, orignal, and should have won 1st place in school. So while his game won 1st at school, it didn't even place during the end result. So HAHAHA to them!

Either way, I'm proud of Jay.

The only downfall of the awards ceremony was that "Rob Faircloth" from Kia was a there. "I can't comment on any factory connection...." I hate those f-ing commercials. And he's so f-ing annoying! He's an f-ing liar, that's what he is. But that should be a whole other post. LOL

For this post, even though we all knew Jay wouldn't win, we were and are very proud of him for the game he invented (that there's no other out there like) and because he tried in itself. He did all this by himself with minimal help from us.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A very interesting post from Jason...

I have't quite learned how to add a link in the title. But I read a post from Jason that was really interesting.

Here's what I say in regards of that post.

That's so sad. Yet so true for those I grew up with.

I know that not all of my children can be as stubborn as me or have the attitude I had growing up. I was never a bully, but I also never let anyone bully me or my friends.

I can't even pinpoint someone who was an actual bully since I moved around so much. But I do remember people trying to pick on me, or my siblings because we were "newbies." I remember being in only two fights in my life growing up. Both were when someone tried to bully me or my little brother or sister. It seemed they changed their attitudes when some tiny little girl kicked their asses. LOL

However, now, while we try to teach our children that violence doesn't solve anything, we're also trying to teach them to not put up woth other kids bullying them. If one of them comes home saying someone was pushing them around, I'm on the phone immediately to get the whole story.

For example, recently, I had my sister watching Korinne while I took Jackson to what I knew would be a long appointment. When I came home, Justin's ear was huge...with a blood blister. Jay, instead of going to the Homework Club stayed home with Justin. Apparently, another little boy had been bullying Justin and pushed him into the side of the bus.

Since the bus driver had given me her cell phone number, I called her right away to find out what she thought happened. She told me exactly what my sons had told me. She added that she was writing the other little boy up and he would be suspended from the bus for it. At least something was being done.

About two weeks later, I'm standing at the bus stop waiting when the bus driver calls my cell phone and says she needs to talk to me when the bus gets there. She tells me that Jay pushed the same boy that pushed Justin up against the bus and he hit his head. She kept Jay on the bus last to ask him what happened, while I asked Justin, who was off the bus what happened. Justin told me the little boy kept pushing Jay around so Jay pushed back. Which is exactly what Jay told the bus driver.

She told me that if the other child's mother called, she'd have to write Jay up and all. I told her I understood and to call me and let me know. Well apparently, the other parent made no complaint because Jay wasn't written up.

So either the child didn't tell his parents, they didn't care, or they know what a bully he is. Who knows.

As far as us (Hubby and I) we are constantly outside stopping bullying. When did it become our place to stop other kids from bullying other kids? I know we shouldn't get involved, but as a decent human being, whose apartment overlooks the playground, I cannot sit and watch someone bullying another child. If I make enemies of the kids around here, so be it. But from past experiences, they seem to respect us more because they know we're watching them. (We're watching them because our children are out there playing!)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


So I've been needing new pots and pans for a couple of years now and I've finally decided to research them before I buy. I know I want stainless steel...I don't like the black interior of the pots and pans because they chip after a while. Honestly, I want the pots and pans Rachael Ray uses on her 30 minute meal shows. They look stainless steel on the inside as well as the out. I need help.

I need any chefs out there to give my guidance on what they use (that's also affordable) or give me ideas on what to look for.

Mike, I know Briar is a chef in New York, could you ask her for any tips? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

I'm a Ford Mustang!

Taken a Meme from Mike.

I'm a Ford Mustang!

You're an American classic -- fast, strong, and bold. You're not snobby or pretentious, but you have what it takes to give anyone a run for their money.

"Take the">Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.


Things have been so rough here financially. So much that our cell phones were shut off today. (They're back on now.) Anyway, even though Jimmy's been working his ass off at work, his paychecks have sucked. The powers that be have been shaving hours off the estimates to pocket for themselves. So when Jimmy gets paperwork on the vehicle, it's with the "revised" hours. He can't prove it without getting someone fired. So he's looking for another job that pays as much yet doesn't screw him.

So our bills have taken a backseat, so to speak. Everything has been so late they were all on the verge of being shut off. The only things not late are rent and our measly credit card bills. So today, Jimmy calls me on the home phone...odd since we have free mobile to mobile...and informs me our cell phones are cut off.

Ok so I go online and pay what's really late. I then go to the store to buy Jimmy some Dayquil cause he's sick. (I wrote a check for that.) As I'm driving to Jimmy's work to give him his meds, I remember some things I hadn't entered in my checkbook. Of course my stomach automatically goes into knots. I breath deeply to avoid hyperventilating while driving. I finally decide there's nothing I can do but hope our taxes have been deposited.

I rush back home determined to check my account balance to see how bad it's going to be when something bounces. To my complete surprise and utter happiness, our taxes have been deposited into my account. No threat of anything bouncing. No more threat of anything being shut off. I have sinced paid and caught up on everything but cable since the offices were closed. That will be paid tomorrow. I'm so relieved it's not even funny.

I'm sitting her on the computer, happy. Jimmy's passed out on the couch sick, the three older ones are watching a movie in their rooms and Jackson is passed out on his pillow in the living room. AND I'M HAPPY! Never in our almost 12 years of marriage has it been this bad.

Tomorrow I'll post about Jackson's appointment with the ENT today. For now here's an adorable picture of Jackson playing on a slide.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jay's invention...and other news.

The school had an awards ceremony last night. Jay won Honorable Mention for his game. I'm so proud of him! I didn't expect him to win once I saw some of the other board games. However the child that won first place should not have won. All he did was use a monopoly game and change the categories. The game pieces were the same, the money was the same, even how you play the game was the same. How original is that??!! The child's mother is big into the PTA, so it doesn't surprise me that he won first place. There were a couple of other that were far better than his. And they didn't even place. Don't ya love politics in elementary school?

Jackson had an appointment with the neurosurgeon yesterday morning. And guess what??? NO MORE HELMET!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Jimmy said he's going to bring his dremel tool home, trim it and make him keep wearing it. He says, "I like the protection! Have you seen him walk into walls? He's a true P-----! (last name here)" LOL I know Jackson is glad to be rid of that thing. LOL We go back in May for a CT scan and a follow up with the neurosurgeon. But he said he's doing excellent.

There was another baby there that just broke my heart, yet made me so glad Jackson did so well. This other baby was born with other conditions and has already had about 9 surgeries. Apparently his parents both carry this rare gene that was passed onto their baby. This baby also has craniosynostosis. His is so severe that his head is flat in the back and front. Poor little guy was just smiling away. He had a trachea tube so he couldn't babble, but I could see him smile. :) He has so many more surgeries coming up. He's 4 days younger than Jackson. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Just hair?

Not too long ago, my friend Ivy shaved her head for one of her friends that has cancer. I completely applaud her for that. I've been thinking about this for a long time. My hair is all I have going for me and I'm too vain to shave it. So I've made a promise to do something I have never done. I will let my hair grow past my bra strap (that's the never been done before thing) and cut it off to donate to Locks of Love. My hair now is about an inch and a half past my shoulders. (This is when I usually cut it because it gives me headaches.) This is my New Year's resolution. I vow to grow my hair long enough to donate and still have my hair shoulder length when I do cut it. It'll be hard but if I keep it pulled back and take lots of Tylenol or Ibuprofin, I just might be able to pull it off. So wish me luck! It's for a good cause.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Passed out again!

I just love taking pics of Jackson when he's passed out. This was last night. He first had his head in Jimmy's lap then moved to the side when Jimmy started scratching his back.
Here's a side angle. Yup he's passed out. I love how he's just hanging off the couch. Isn't that adorable? LOL

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Meme from JanetLee

JanetLee started Meme on what your fridge looks like. Well this isn't my fridge, but it's "Justin's wall." LOL Tacked with stuff he's brought home from school. This is my fridge, a pic of Justin, and something he drew. A dry erase board and 2 certificates Jay recieved. So what's on your fridge?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Invention Convention part Deux!

Here are pics of Jay's invention. It's called Spell 60. He was actually chosen to move on to the next level. If he passes that level he moves on to the last level held at Citadel Mall. For all you locals here with me, I'll let you know when that is and maybe you can come check out his game. He worked really hard on this and I'm so proud of him!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Invention Convention

Yes I know it's been awhile. There has been so much crap going on that I've avoided blogging to keep from sharing too much.

Anyway, Jay was given an assignment the beginning of December that counts for a test grade. All the 5th graders were to invent something. Something that could eventually be entered into an Invention Convention at Citadel Mall.

Jay decided to invent a new board game. He named it Spell 60. He used 4 cars from a game of Life with 24 little people from Life. The way to play is you roll a die, and move the number of spaces. If you land on a number, you have to spell a word using that number...example, land on a 4, spell a 4 letter word. If you land on a subject, you spell a word in that subject...example, land on state and you have to spell a state. You have to go around the board 5 times. (Life cars have 6 slots for people. You start with one and work to fill the rest.) The first person to fill their car wins. We tried it out and it really is fun. It can be adjusted for age level. But right now the premise is players 2-4, ages 5 and up.

He worked really hard on this, even though it sounds so easy. So I hope he gets a good grade for it.

I tried uploading pics for it but my computer is being an ass! Anyway wish him luck!