Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jay's invention...and other news.

The school had an awards ceremony last night. Jay won Honorable Mention for his game. I'm so proud of him! I didn't expect him to win once I saw some of the other board games. However the child that won first place should not have won. All he did was use a monopoly game and change the categories. The game pieces were the same, the money was the same, even how you play the game was the same. How original is that??!! The child's mother is big into the PTA, so it doesn't surprise me that he won first place. There were a couple of other that were far better than his. And they didn't even place. Don't ya love politics in elementary school?

Jackson had an appointment with the neurosurgeon yesterday morning. And guess what??? NO MORE HELMET!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Jimmy said he's going to bring his dremel tool home, trim it and make him keep wearing it. He says, "I like the protection! Have you seen him walk into walls? He's a true P-----! (last name here)" LOL I know Jackson is glad to be rid of that thing. LOL We go back in May for a CT scan and a follow up with the neurosurgeon. But he said he's doing excellent.

There was another baby there that just broke my heart, yet made me so glad Jackson did so well. This other baby was born with other conditions and has already had about 9 surgeries. Apparently his parents both carry this rare gene that was passed onto their baby. This baby also has craniosynostosis. His is so severe that his head is flat in the back and front. Poor little guy was just smiling away. He had a trachea tube so he couldn't babble, but I could see him smile. :) He has so many more surgeries coming up. He's 4 days younger than Jackson. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


Ami said...

That's great news about the helmet!! I'm happy he's doing so well.
I know he'll continue to thrive.

Ami said...

And the honorable mention is excellent. I think we've all see school politics, either as a student or a parent. That's one thing that never changes. Good for Jay! He made up a really cool game.

Sonia said...

great news about Jackson! I know I wish my kids had helmets when they first started walking...cause gosh toddlers are so clumsy. LOL.

About school politics...ain't it grand? pft. What kills me is when your kid has a project, and when you go to the school to see them, there is no way in hell any kid could have done some of the ones you see. I'm sorry...but I don't typically let my 8 yr old work with soddering materials @@. <~~yes, I actually saw a project that was soddered for 2nd grade project.