Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Invention Convention...last post...

Yesterday (Monday) we had to go to Citadel Mall and register Jay's invention. The judging was that night with the awards ceremony tonight (Tuesday.) Jay, Korinne and I went tonight. He didn't place. But his school totally kicked ass! At his school, only the 5th graders participate. From his school, we won 3rd and 1st. AND one of his teacher's won Best Teacher participation...with a set of 4 Michelin tires from a sponsor.

For those that read my previous post on bitching about who won 1st place at school...that person did NOT win 1st place here (nor did his PTA supporting Mama and "money" play a part). The child that won first place was the one I originally thought should have won 1st place for a game called Math-O-Matic. Her game was awesome, orignal, and should have won 1st place in school. So while his game won 1st at school, it didn't even place during the end result. So HAHAHA to them!

Either way, I'm proud of Jay.

The only downfall of the awards ceremony was that "Rob Faircloth" from Kia was a there. "I can't comment on any factory connection...." I hate those f-ing commercials. And he's so f-ing annoying! He's an f-ing liar, that's what he is. But that should be a whole other post. LOL

For this post, even though we all knew Jay wouldn't win, we were and are very proud of him for the game he invented (that there's no other out there like) and because he tried in itself. He did all this by himself with minimal help from us.

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