Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lucy Blue is no more. :(

That's right. My Lucy Blue is no more. I totalled my van today. The entire front driver's side wheel flew off. Not the tire, the whole damn wheel. It went one way, I went another. I hit the brakes and was pulling off the road. Slid in the shoulder and hit the guardrail head on then swung around into the side of the road. I was shaking so bad when I got out of the van I couldn't even stand. A car that had been directly behind me pulled over. I called Jimmy and one of them called the police. They waited with me calming me down until the first officer took their information. Thank you to those two wonderful women. I really think had I been alone on the side of the road I'd have been more of a wreck than I was. Well City of Charleston showed up to write out the report. I was given a ticket for too fast for conditions. Though the officer told me that when I show up for court it will be dismissed. He said it's policy that when there's an accident a ticket has to be written. I won't say what my FIL (retired deputy sheriff) said when I called and told him about it. EMS showed up even though I'd denied medical assistance. The one that showed up said they had driven by going the other way and turned around to make sure I was unhurt. I thought that was very nice of the EMS workers to stop without being called just to make sure I was ok. Trust me when I say I'm lucky I wasn't hurt. The van looks THAT bad. I hit the guardrail so hard the back suspension broke.

Well Jimmy was home with the kids. I was by myself thank goodness. And if by some miracle none of you happened to drive by today, I was lucky I wasn't hurt and even more lucky it happened where it did and not while I was on the bridge. I have a real fear of going over the side of the bridge. Anyway, Jimmy called one of his bosses to have a tow truck come get the van and take it to their work. He told me to just ride with the tow truck driver and get a rental car when I got there. However, when I was getting my purse and stuff out of the van, one of Jimmy's co-workers pulled over. He'd seen me and the van on the side so he turned around and came back. When the tow truck driver showed up, he pulled in too far and got himself stuck so he had to call another driver to get him and my van. LOL

I have a rental for a few days until we can figure out what to do. When I went to the store I work at tonight to pick up a couple items, one of my friends says, "Hi honey how are you feeling?" I said, "I'm fine." She said she'd heard about the accident. I said, "How on Earth did y'all hear about it? I haven't talked to anyone." LOL Apparently one of the kids I work with drove by on his way to school today and told the other kids I work with then told the people I work with. Funny how news travels that fast huh? LOL

Anyway, I'm unhurt though a little sore. I'm sure it'll catch up with me soon. Thankfully, Jimmy still has some painkillers from his surgery in October. Time to find another van. I liked Lucy Blue. I'm sad I have to find another van.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Report Cards...

I got Justin's report card today. He's making almost all As. His one B is in Social Studies. But this is what his teacher wrote in the comments section..."Justin is enthusiastic about participating. He catches on quickly to everything we do. It is wonderful that he made SAIL for next year. I am so very proud of him. This is quite an accomplishment, especially for someone who skipped first grade! :)" SAIL is the gifted and talented program. They tested all the 2nd graders and from what Justin told me, only three 2nd graders made it. He was the only one in his class. I am so proud of him! Not only did he skip a grade but next year, he'll be in the gifted and talented program. The best part, is he is so excited about it.

Jay's report card will be mailed out tomorrow.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sick Jackson

It's that time again. Time for Jackson to get all sick on us, worry us, then run around like he's the picture of health. LOL

He started running a fever yesterday, nothing to worry about. But his breathing was awful! He was wheezing so bad and the nebulizer didn't seem to be helping too much. So this morning, off to the doctor we went. They gave him another breathing treatment then sent us for a chest xray to rule out pneumonia. There was no school today so I had all four with me! Talk about stressful. The xray technician gave me a hug and told me it would be better soon. Jackson xrays came back clear thankfully. But he was still in a clingy mood today. You can tell he's sick cause his eyes are all puffy looking. But he's running around all happy.

I hope he's better tomorrow. I do not like when he's sick. Of course, now Jimmy and I are both coming down with something. It's only a matter of time before it hits the rest of the kids.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Freedom of speech...

This morning, Jackson had a doctor's appointment. After his appointment, I had to go to my bank to withdraw money to put in Dh's bank for our van payment. On the way to Dh's bank, I was stopped at an intersection. On my left there was a man holding a banner that said, "Hillary's Holocaust." On my right was a man holding a banner that originally said Hitler's Holocaust, but there was a sticker with Hillary's name in the spot not quite blocking Hitler. To my upper right was another man holding banners with Hillary's Holocaust displayed, as well as pictures of aborted babies. One pic at 23 weeks...the age I lost my twins. The other at 30 weeks.

I'm all for freedom of speech and all that, but this was so upsetting and disturbing to me on so many levels. I was so glad that the children I had with me don't pay enough attention outside of the van. Had my older two been with us, they would have seen and asked questions, especially about the babies. I'm glad they weren't with me because the pic of the aborted 23 week gestated baby looked nothing like the babies I gave birth to.

At what point do you think freedom of speech is going too far? And why?

Just because

Justin had his first basketball game tonight. Because the kids are all 7-8 they don't technically keep score. The kids do though. LOL Justin team is sponsored by Coastal Burgler Alarm. My son is a Burgler! LOL Anyway, he had his first game tonight and his team won 10-6. There are some good players on his team.

Below are some pics...

Korinne in her cheerleading uniform

Jackson trying to get the camera at the game.

Justin's the one that looks like he holding his shorts up. LOL

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I had to work last night...scheduled for 6:30-11:00. However a co-worker wanted to switch with me to work in my place. Far be it for me to say no. LOL I ended up being able to go home at 9:30. So Jimmy and I were able to spend time together ringing in the new year.

This morning, he had to go in to work for a few hours, so the kids and I joined him. I cooked breakfast in the break room. We left just before noon. After lunch and Jackson's nap, we loaded up and headed to the West Ashley Park. We were going to attempt catching minnows for fishing since it was too windy to fish. But the park gates were closed. We know there are other fishing places that we can take the kids to, but we just can't seem to find them. Other than state parks or whatever, we can't find other public access places. So we came home instead and cooked.

Speaking of cooking, no we did not have collards and black eyed peas. EW! We had fried chicken, homemade mashed taters and lima beans. Oh it was DELISH!

Saturday, after budgeting the money, we decided to rent a couple of movies. One of the girls working there likes me and always deletes any late charge we have. I went in fully expecting to pay the charges we had, which I estimated to be almost 20 bucks. When we got there, Korinne slipped getting out of the van and scraped her knee. When we walked in, my girl had just answered the phone, put it on hold and asked her co-worker where a certain movie would be. I automatically said comedy, then showed her where it was. LOL Then the girl found Korinne a bandaid and made her feel better. After picking the two movies we rented, we went to pay for it. I brought up the late charges and she said, "Oh I took care of it." That was so nice! I think these people recognize me and know I'm in there enough that I'm not going to just stiff the company with a bill. Cause she's the third person that regularly does that for me.

Anyway, this evening, Jimmy decided he wanted to move one of the bookshelves from the dining room into our bedroom. So I unload the one with the DVDs and the kids books and place everything in stacks. We move that one unto our bedroom. Then we unload the other bookshelf filled with ves of my books (double or triple rowed each) and 1 shelf of his books. The kids are moving my books to the room. When I dare look in there, I see all my books in piles...not neatly stacked like I did their books. I almost had a heart attack! LOL Though when I did go in the room, Jimmy was halfway putting my books on the bookshelf. Just my books are on it now. A 5 chelf book case and some shelves are double rowed. LOL

My dining room is still in disarray but at least the books and DVDs are back on the book case. The rest of the stuff that had been stored behind the book cases needs to be put up. The speech therapist is coming over tomorrow but I'm not gonna stress over how that area looks.

I finally converted Jackson's bed into a toddler bed. Okay all I had to do was take off the side that moved up and down. He wouldn't nap in it today...insisted on napping in my bed with me. But tonight when he told me he was ready for nite-nite, I put him in bed, tucked him in and put a baby gate at the door. He's been in bed since. I figured it was really time to take the side off since he climbed over it all the time, it wasn't doing any good. LOL He looks so small in the bed now that the side is gone. He's getting so grown. :(