Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lucy Blue is no more. :(

That's right. My Lucy Blue is no more. I totalled my van today. The entire front driver's side wheel flew off. Not the tire, the whole damn wheel. It went one way, I went another. I hit the brakes and was pulling off the road. Slid in the shoulder and hit the guardrail head on then swung around into the side of the road. I was shaking so bad when I got out of the van I couldn't even stand. A car that had been directly behind me pulled over. I called Jimmy and one of them called the police. They waited with me calming me down until the first officer took their information. Thank you to those two wonderful women. I really think had I been alone on the side of the road I'd have been more of a wreck than I was. Well City of Charleston showed up to write out the report. I was given a ticket for too fast for conditions. Though the officer told me that when I show up for court it will be dismissed. He said it's policy that when there's an accident a ticket has to be written. I won't say what my FIL (retired deputy sheriff) said when I called and told him about it. EMS showed up even though I'd denied medical assistance. The one that showed up said they had driven by going the other way and turned around to make sure I was unhurt. I thought that was very nice of the EMS workers to stop without being called just to make sure I was ok. Trust me when I say I'm lucky I wasn't hurt. The van looks THAT bad. I hit the guardrail so hard the back suspension broke.

Well Jimmy was home with the kids. I was by myself thank goodness. And if by some miracle none of you happened to drive by today, I was lucky I wasn't hurt and even more lucky it happened where it did and not while I was on the bridge. I have a real fear of going over the side of the bridge. Anyway, Jimmy called one of his bosses to have a tow truck come get the van and take it to their work. He told me to just ride with the tow truck driver and get a rental car when I got there. However, when I was getting my purse and stuff out of the van, one of Jimmy's co-workers pulled over. He'd seen me and the van on the side so he turned around and came back. When the tow truck driver showed up, he pulled in too far and got himself stuck so he had to call another driver to get him and my van. LOL

I have a rental for a few days until we can figure out what to do. When I went to the store I work at tonight to pick up a couple items, one of my friends says, "Hi honey how are you feeling?" I said, "I'm fine." She said she'd heard about the accident. I said, "How on Earth did y'all hear about it? I haven't talked to anyone." LOL Apparently one of the kids I work with drove by on his way to school today and told the other kids I work with then told the people I work with. Funny how news travels that fast huh? LOL

Anyway, I'm unhurt though a little sore. I'm sure it'll catch up with me soon. Thankfully, Jimmy still has some painkillers from his surgery in October. Time to find another van. I liked Lucy Blue. I'm sad I have to find another van.


Mike said...

I'm just glad to know that you are OK.

Ami said...

I am so grateful you weren't hurt. The ticket is a crock of shit, go to court and fight it.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Thank you, Mike. That is so you...NICE! :)

JanetLee said...

Glad to hear you are okay! Sorry about the van.