Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Report Cards...

I got Justin's report card today. He's making almost all As. His one B is in Social Studies. But this is what his teacher wrote in the comments section..."Justin is enthusiastic about participating. He catches on quickly to everything we do. It is wonderful that he made SAIL for next year. I am so very proud of him. This is quite an accomplishment, especially for someone who skipped first grade! :)" SAIL is the gifted and talented program. They tested all the 2nd graders and from what Justin told me, only three 2nd graders made it. He was the only one in his class. I am so proud of him! Not only did he skip a grade but next year, he'll be in the gifted and talented program. The best part, is he is so excited about it.

Jay's report card will be mailed out tomorrow.

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Ami said...

When the kid is excited about what they're doing it makes all the difference in the world. I bet it's a blast to see his little face light up and for him to have so much fun with his studies.