Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We seem to have lost our kitty...

Twice. Earlier, we couldn't find him. We searched all over. That's a HUGE task since we're in a 5 bedroom with a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and two bathrooms. All of which have excellent hiding places for a small kitten. I finally found him in our couch. Sleeping with no care in the world.

Jackson hasn't quite grasped that the kitty is not an older sibling and therefore he does not need to defend himself so much. We feared he'd hurt the kitty the first time we couldn't find him. Thankfully, that was not the case.

However, just before Jackson went to bed, the kitty came running into the living room dripping wet. We surmised that Jackson had tried to give him a bath in the toilet. So I rinsed Lucky off, wrapped him in a towel and left him on the couch. He's since disappeared again. I can't blame this one on Jackson either since he was asleep by then.

I'll try not to worry about him too much. He knows where his food and milk is. He knows where his litter box is...which he's used quite well! I'm sure he'll turn up ready to play again in the morning. LOL

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Our new adoptee

Friday there was a kitten stuck in a tree in our neighbor's yard. A really, really TALL tree. The poor thing was meowing for hours, according to Korinne. I called the fire department and was told, "Oh it'll only stay up there a couple of days before it comes down." @@ Asshole! So, Korinne, Jackson and I were cleaning the yard and watching the kitten. We looked up at one point and the poor thing was barely holding onto leaves. Korinne and I watched in horror as the kitten fell out of the tree. Thankfully he fell into a bush that was under the tree. We managed to get the poor thing out of the bush. He's such a tiny thing. We named him Lucky because well, he's damn lucky he landed in the bush and not the ground or we'd have had to bury him. I wasn't planning on keeping him. He is a stray kitten. But he is just too damn cute! And Jimmy's already fallen in love with him. LOL Last night Jimmy took Lucky to bed with him. LOL The kids are convinced that our cat Stormy is the Dad. Justin even suggested we have a blood test done to see. LOL He's been watching too many of my Law and Order shows. LOL On another note, Jackson is completely potty trained now. His skivvies are still a tad too big for him, but his shorts keep them from falling down. LOL Below are some pics I took of Lucky. .
Lucky sleeping on Jimmy's chest
Lucky sitting with Jimmy in the recliner
Lucky and our cat Stormy
Lucky in Korinne's lap