Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I admit I was wrong...

Here's the scenario. Korinne plays with Hannah almost daily. Hannah has a neighbor downstairs named Ty. Hannah also has a sister Kaity that lives with her grandparents. When Hannah and/or Kaity is here playing with Korinne, Ty comes over here whining because they're not playing with her. My initial feelings were Ty was a little brat. I've since learned that when Hannah is in a weird mood, she is mean to Korinne and convinces Ty to be mean to Korinne.

Alone, Ty is the sweetest little girl. With Hannah, she's a little brat.

Today, Hannah and Kaity were here playing with Korinne. All of them asked if they could spend the night here. I said yes. Ty's mom asked if Ty had talked to me cause Ty was upset that she wasn't invited. Initially, I said no because I was worried about Jimmy's reaction to having other kids here. But then I told Ty's mother that Ty was welcome to spend the night. I was weary.

That weariness went down the drain when Kaity tried to convince Korinne that she didn't want Ty to spend the night because Kaity was jealous. Kaity told me that her and Ty don't get along (they play together well all the time). I told Kaity that I was sure they could get along one night for Korinne's sake. I told them I was not going to tell that little girl she couldn't spend the night after she was told she could.

So I told Kaity to talk to her mother. I followed her and learned it was more a jealousy thing. Kaity's mother told her that if she didn't want to spend the night, she could stay home. That I was not going to tell Ty she couldn't stay after Korinne invited her.

So we got all that resolved. The three stayed here. Yet, Ty is the only one I heard nothing from. She was the sweetest girl ever. Kaity and Hannah had so many complaints. It was too dark, there was too much light. They quickly quieted down when I threatened to walk them home. Ty, I was completely wrong about.

I've learned recently that when Ty is by herself, she's a sweetheart. When she's with Hannah and Hannah is in a mood, she manipulates others to feel the way she does. However, Hannah was not in charge tonight, so she was the first to pass out. LOL The others played quietly without any fighting and eventually passed out.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pictures using my new camera

While walking through our complex I decided to bring along my Canon camera. Remember the one I got for Mother's Day? Well here are some shots I got using that camera. I have no idea what these flowers are, but Korinne insisted I get a shot of all three.
This one was so cool looking. Again, I have no idea what kind of flower it is. And just because, I had to throw in a picture of Jackson. LOL

Friday, June 22, 2007

Still emotional

WHY?! Am I still so emotional over those 9 firefighters? I watched the memorial on tv this morning. It was very beautiful and I found myself choked up several times. Because Jackson and Korinne were both home, I managed to compose myself quite well.

This evening when I went to Applebees for Carside service, I decided to stop by Wendy's for Jackson and Korinne. When I Pulled in, I saw truck 16 in the parking lot. When I walked in, I saw 4 firefighters in uniform eating dinner. After I paid for my food, I walked over. I said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but you're all from the station across from the apartment complex I live in. I want you all to know our thoughts and prayers are with y'all." I then shared my stories of "Officer Champaign" as the kids here called him. I almost started crying, I was choked up, but I quickly thanked them and moved on before I started bawling like a baby.

I didn't know these men personally. I knew two somewhat from walking the complex with them last summer. But it was mostly small talk and comfortable silence. So why do their deaths seem to hit me so hard? Is it because most of them were from the station we visited often? Is it because I knew two of them? Or is it because I just feel sorrow for the loss our community is experiencing? Am I such an emotional person? (Well that's a yes.)

I've never really felt part of the community here until recently. I don't know why. The kids and I have visited the firestation often but it was more because the kids wanted to. I've taken cookies to them on 9/11 and holidays. When I took cookies Monday, was the hardest for me.

I do pray for all of their families. Our community has suffered so much with this loss. I pray for all of us as well.

This says it all.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I wanted to be in denial!

I knew when I woke up this morning and caught brief news reports that 9 firefighters had lost their lives. I immediately made plans to bake cookies to take to our firestation. I planned on making oatmeal raisin because the last time I took cookies there, the captain joked that his fave were oatmeal raisin.

So after surveying our ingredients, I only needed baking soda. The kids and I went to the store for said item, came home and began mixing the ingredients. We were in the middle of the second batch when the noon news came on and I learned that 6 of the firefighters were from our own firestation across the road from us. My heart sank and I could only think of the one fireman there that I regularly talked to. Still, I held out hope that he was alive and well.

Around 12:30, Justin and I walked to the firestation carrying a huge batch of cookies and a thank you card. In the card, I wrote "Thank you for your bravery in looking out for our community. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as your mourn your 9 brothers and we as a community mourn the brave men we lost. They will be missed."

Like an obssessed person, I scoured the news on TV and online for any news on who the men were. It wasn't until the press conference at 2 that I learned the one man I was praying to be alive, had lost his life. Melvin Champaign. He and another fireman were always walking through our complex. I walked with them every other night last summer. He always had time to stop for a quick chat when he saw me or my kids. I didn't even know if he was married or had kids. All I knew was I would see him every evening walking by my apartment.

I think I've cried myself out for now. I'm going to miss seeing him with his ready grin just walking around and stopping to talk to not only us, but various tenants here.

When I handed the cookies and the cards to the captain, his eyes were as red as mine. And I felt so selfish. This captain worked with "Officer Champaign" as the kids here called him. I only knew him in passing. Yet my heart breaks for his firefighter brothers and sisters and for his family. Justin was so upset when he found out. He said, "But Officer Champaign was mine and Kobe's favorite!" Then he ran off to be with Kobe. They're both doing fine. But I still get upset at the loss of the lives of those men.

I wanted to be in denial that it was the same "Officer Champaign" until I saw his picture. Then it hit even harder. I pray for his family and for all the families affected by this.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Surgery update.

Jackson's surgery went well. We checked in at 6:45am. We were called back as we were finishing the check in. They took his vitals, listened to his breathing. He was wheezing but then he sneezed and the wheezing was gone. I informed them he was on antibiotics for a sinus infection. They were okay with that as long as he hadn't been running a fever. He hadn't.

So they took him back. I stepped outside for a quick smoke, then headed to the cafe to grab a bite to eat. The cafe was right across from the waiting room. I bought a biscuit with sausage gravy and a water. I was half way through when I realized they had milk. So I grabbed a milk and when I turned around the doctor was there.

They were only able to do the left ear because the right ear canal was too narrow. We were lucky he was just barely able to get the tube in his left ear cause that canal is narrow also. We go in 6-8 weeks for an audiology test. Maybe we'll see an improvement then.

We got home quarter to 9. Korinne and Justin were the only ones awake. My cousin, Tayler, spent the night with my twin cousins to watch Korinne and Justin. I didn't know it would be that quick or Jimmy would have just stayed home until I got there. So I cleaned, then fed the kids lunch. I laid Jackson down and told Tayler to wake me when he woke up. I slept for a good two hours. LOL I'm not used to getting up so early anymore.

I sure am glad that's all over! Thank you to all that kept us in your thoughts.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Well Jackson and I are off to MUSC in the morning to have tubes put in his ears. I've been told by several people that it's a relatively simple procedure, in and out. Yet, I'm still nervous. The only surgeries I've had to wait for were the two he had was for his diaphragmatic hernia and his skull. Both were long surgeries that kept me in the waiting room biting my nails to the quick and not being able to focus on anything I tried to do.

We have to be there to check in at 6:45 am. He's not to have anything to eat after midnight, not a problem since he's asleep then. But he can't have any fluids after 4am. Now that's a problem because as soon as he wakes up in the morning, he has a cup of his soy milk. He's going to be starving by the time he gets out of surgery. I think I'll treat him to something special afterwards.

I really hope the tubes help improve his hearing tests. He's been doing great signing basic words we use regularly. He's also been saying some more words. The most beautiful was when he repeated "I love you!"

We're going in debt with the hospital bills, but since I'm making payments every month, they can't put it on my credit. Thank goodness for that!

Anyway, wish us luck tomorrow. I'm going to need it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

One less youngin'

I am now one less child, for almost a month. Jay left this morning with my MIL and FIL for a visit in Tennessee. He's excited. He plans on spending a lot of times hunting lizards and stuff. He says he's going to plant a garden while he's there.

I miss him already! Though I do admit, it was a blissfully quiet day today. He and Korinne are constantly at each other. I spent the day thoroughly cleaning Jay's room. He shares it with Jackson and I was determined to make the room available for Jackson to go in and play. His toys aren't in there, but he likes sitting at the window and looking out.

We have a standing date for me to be on Yahoo messenger at 8:30 our time so we can chat for a few minutes. So here I am online and patiently waiting his IM. LOL

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Justin's Graduation ceremony

Justin's ceremony was so cute! All those little kindergarteners dressed in their best! I cried, but was able to stay composed. LOL Jimmy video taped the ceremony...well for Justin's class. LOL I took some pics on the camcorder, see below.

After the ceremony, I was able to bring Justin home with us. We went to McDonald's for breakfast cause that was about all I could afford before Jimmy's paycheck came. LOL When we got home, we lathered up in 60 SPF sunblock and went to the pool. He had a great day. :) And he's now officially a 1st grader. LOL

WOOHOO! I finally got them!

Korinne's soccer pics, that is! They turned out wonderful and she's so damn cute. However on her "trading cards" they spelled her name wrong. They left off the E. I had the form filled out in capital letters and there's no missing the E. So I called and left a message and will call back on Monday. But doesn't she look adorable?

She and Justin had their last soccer games today. It was just drizzling when they were playing at 9am but her pool party afterwards was cancelled. We decided to go to Cici's Pizza instead. Justin's team had a small picnic in the covered area at the park. Korinne's gathering was at 11, so I was able to be at both gatherings. Had it been sunny, my mom would have stayed with Justin while I'd have gone with Korinne. It worked out nicely though.

I didn't realize how many different kinds of pizza they made at Cici's pizza. There were some interesting ones there, that's for sure. My mom tried the buffalo chicken pizza. That seemed weird enough, but the macaroni and cheese pizza was even more weird and did not taste very good. LOL

Anyway, here's my gorgeous girl!