Friday, June 08, 2007

One less youngin'

I am now one less child, for almost a month. Jay left this morning with my MIL and FIL for a visit in Tennessee. He's excited. He plans on spending a lot of times hunting lizards and stuff. He says he's going to plant a garden while he's there.

I miss him already! Though I do admit, it was a blissfully quiet day today. He and Korinne are constantly at each other. I spent the day thoroughly cleaning Jay's room. He shares it with Jackson and I was determined to make the room available for Jackson to go in and play. His toys aren't in there, but he likes sitting at the window and looking out.

We have a standing date for me to be on Yahoo messenger at 8:30 our time so we can chat for a few minutes. So here I am online and patiently waiting his IM. LOL

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