Monday, June 18, 2007

Surgery update.

Jackson's surgery went well. We checked in at 6:45am. We were called back as we were finishing the check in. They took his vitals, listened to his breathing. He was wheezing but then he sneezed and the wheezing was gone. I informed them he was on antibiotics for a sinus infection. They were okay with that as long as he hadn't been running a fever. He hadn't.

So they took him back. I stepped outside for a quick smoke, then headed to the cafe to grab a bite to eat. The cafe was right across from the waiting room. I bought a biscuit with sausage gravy and a water. I was half way through when I realized they had milk. So I grabbed a milk and when I turned around the doctor was there.

They were only able to do the left ear because the right ear canal was too narrow. We were lucky he was just barely able to get the tube in his left ear cause that canal is narrow also. We go in 6-8 weeks for an audiology test. Maybe we'll see an improvement then.

We got home quarter to 9. Korinne and Justin were the only ones awake. My cousin, Tayler, spent the night with my twin cousins to watch Korinne and Justin. I didn't know it would be that quick or Jimmy would have just stayed home until I got there. So I cleaned, then fed the kids lunch. I laid Jackson down and told Tayler to wake me when he woke up. I slept for a good two hours. LOL I'm not used to getting up so early anymore.

I sure am glad that's all over! Thank you to all that kept us in your thoughts.

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