Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I admit I was wrong...

Here's the scenario. Korinne plays with Hannah almost daily. Hannah has a neighbor downstairs named Ty. Hannah also has a sister Kaity that lives with her grandparents. When Hannah and/or Kaity is here playing with Korinne, Ty comes over here whining because they're not playing with her. My initial feelings were Ty was a little brat. I've since learned that when Hannah is in a weird mood, she is mean to Korinne and convinces Ty to be mean to Korinne.

Alone, Ty is the sweetest little girl. With Hannah, she's a little brat.

Today, Hannah and Kaity were here playing with Korinne. All of them asked if they could spend the night here. I said yes. Ty's mom asked if Ty had talked to me cause Ty was upset that she wasn't invited. Initially, I said no because I was worried about Jimmy's reaction to having other kids here. But then I told Ty's mother that Ty was welcome to spend the night. I was weary.

That weariness went down the drain when Kaity tried to convince Korinne that she didn't want Ty to spend the night because Kaity was jealous. Kaity told me that her and Ty don't get along (they play together well all the time). I told Kaity that I was sure they could get along one night for Korinne's sake. I told them I was not going to tell that little girl she couldn't spend the night after she was told she could.

So I told Kaity to talk to her mother. I followed her and learned it was more a jealousy thing. Kaity's mother told her that if she didn't want to spend the night, she could stay home. That I was not going to tell Ty she couldn't stay after Korinne invited her.

So we got all that resolved. The three stayed here. Yet, Ty is the only one I heard nothing from. She was the sweetest girl ever. Kaity and Hannah had so many complaints. It was too dark, there was too much light. They quickly quieted down when I threatened to walk them home. Ty, I was completely wrong about.

I've learned recently that when Ty is by herself, she's a sweetheart. When she's with Hannah and Hannah is in a mood, she manipulates others to feel the way she does. However, Hannah was not in charge tonight, so she was the first to pass out. LOL The others played quietly without any fighting and eventually passed out.

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