Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lucy Blus pics

I feel so lucky. Looking at the pics Jimmy took and even seeing her in person, I wonder how I walked away without a scratch and not having my air bags deploy. For those that live nearby, this happened on I526, at the beginning of the guard rail AFTER crossing the Ashley River Bridge. The guardrail that starts until the first Ashley River Road exit. Here are some pics of my belived Lucy Blue. When we drove by the site this afternoon, Jimmy was impressed that I kept the van in a straight skid. Appparently, about three hours after my accident, another van had an accident in the same area, only that van flipped over. He could see additional skid marks. I know mine was straight across. I didn't weave in and out anywhere. My marks were much deeper and he could see where I went and where the other van went. I'm so thankful that my kids weren't with me, and also thankful I walked away only shaken.
This is Lucy Blue when we first got her.
This is Lucy Blue Thursday morning.
Lucy Blue Thursday morning.

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