Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shopping around

That's right. We're shopping around for a vehicle. This weekend is crunch time. Jimmy wants to find something that we can share to just get back and forth to work. I want to find something that seats 6 so we don't have to give up our family times on the weekends. We were lucky enough that our settlement check from the insurance company was $6700 after our deductible. That gives us more options. The check should clear tomorrow. My bank put a 5 day hold on it because it was a check over 5 grand. We really cannot afford the rental car any longer than Monday. (I didn't have rental coverage on my insurance.) Luckily, where Jimmy works has a rental company in the office so they've given us a tremendous discount on the van we've rented. We have a few things we're looking at that hopefully one will pan out for us. So wish us luck!

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