Sunday, January 07, 2007

Invention Convention

Yes I know it's been awhile. There has been so much crap going on that I've avoided blogging to keep from sharing too much.

Anyway, Jay was given an assignment the beginning of December that counts for a test grade. All the 5th graders were to invent something. Something that could eventually be entered into an Invention Convention at Citadel Mall.

Jay decided to invent a new board game. He named it Spell 60. He used 4 cars from a game of Life with 24 little people from Life. The way to play is you roll a die, and move the number of spaces. If you land on a number, you have to spell a word using that number...example, land on a 4, spell a 4 letter word. If you land on a subject, you spell a word in that subject...example, land on state and you have to spell a state. You have to go around the board 5 times. (Life cars have 6 slots for people. You start with one and work to fill the rest.) The first person to fill their car wins. We tried it out and it really is fun. It can be adjusted for age level. But right now the premise is players 2-4, ages 5 and up.

He worked really hard on this, even though it sounds so easy. So I hope he gets a good grade for it.

I tried uploading pics for it but my computer is being an ass! Anyway wish him luck!


Heather said...

It sounds like a good game. Did he include a word list for the players?

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Not initially. But his teacher wants him to give a list to go by. Though the players don't have to follow the list. They can spell whatever words they want.