Saturday, January 27, 2007


Things have been so rough here financially. So much that our cell phones were shut off today. (They're back on now.) Anyway, even though Jimmy's been working his ass off at work, his paychecks have sucked. The powers that be have been shaving hours off the estimates to pocket for themselves. So when Jimmy gets paperwork on the vehicle, it's with the "revised" hours. He can't prove it without getting someone fired. So he's looking for another job that pays as much yet doesn't screw him.

So our bills have taken a backseat, so to speak. Everything has been so late they were all on the verge of being shut off. The only things not late are rent and our measly credit card bills. So today, Jimmy calls me on the home phone...odd since we have free mobile to mobile...and informs me our cell phones are cut off.

Ok so I go online and pay what's really late. I then go to the store to buy Jimmy some Dayquil cause he's sick. (I wrote a check for that.) As I'm driving to Jimmy's work to give him his meds, I remember some things I hadn't entered in my checkbook. Of course my stomach automatically goes into knots. I breath deeply to avoid hyperventilating while driving. I finally decide there's nothing I can do but hope our taxes have been deposited.

I rush back home determined to check my account balance to see how bad it's going to be when something bounces. To my complete surprise and utter happiness, our taxes have been deposited into my account. No threat of anything bouncing. No more threat of anything being shut off. I have sinced paid and caught up on everything but cable since the offices were closed. That will be paid tomorrow. I'm so relieved it's not even funny.

I'm sitting her on the computer, happy. Jimmy's passed out on the couch sick, the three older ones are watching a movie in their rooms and Jackson is passed out on his pillow in the living room. AND I'M HAPPY! Never in our almost 12 years of marriage has it been this bad.

Tomorrow I'll post about Jackson's appointment with the ENT today. For now here's an adorable picture of Jackson playing on a slide.


Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

This was supposed to go through last night.

Ivy said...

Man, I know that feeling. I'm glad your tax check came through so quickly!

Ami said...

I don't know anyone who hasn't been in similar situations. Reading your post reminded me of a time when my son was small when I had to choose between milk for him or a box of tampons.
He got milk.

I'm glad your tax refund got there. Just in time, it sounds like.