Friday, February 02, 2007

YES! I did it on my own!

I got a new computer (my prize with our tax refund.) When I logged onto my blog, all of my links and everything was gone. I asked Heather to help me fix them. Before she could do so, they came back but were all screwy.

Tonight, I was sitting here trying to see if I could figure it out by myself without losing anything. And guess what?! I did!!!!!!!! Go me! I'm getting my blog customized my own way. I'm so proud of myself. :) Can ya tell? LOL


Mike said...

Yeah you! When Justine finally moves out I'll lose my free tech support.

chucker said...

I went through a similar situation...a scrambled blog that finally yielded to reformatting with a different template.

Then I merely (yeah, right!) added stat.counter and found how to tack on archives.

Frustrating though that changes I made and saved were not showing up onscreen. THEN I realized I needed to scrub the cache so I would see my new, edited version.

Don't forget the clean out the cache every so often!