Sunday, February 25, 2007

This and That

Today, Jackson is exactly 18 months old! YAY! He's come a long way. To celebrate, I bought him a new stroller. (Well a new used stroller from Once Upon A Child.) His old stroller was missing the tray. When we went fishing over the summer, Jimmy took the tray off to fold the stroller up and forgot to put the tray in the van. Yep, he ran over it. I didn't like the front being open the way it was. (I'm weird like that.)

So today, I bought him a stroller WITH a tray in front. LOL Got a good deal on it too, like I always do at Once Upon A Child. (I LOVE that store. It's my Toys 'R Us. LOL

We had a wonderful weekend. I decided to get grocery shopping out of the way on Friday. And WOW was it nice going with only Korinne and Jackson rather than all four as usual. So my Saturday was free. I put in a cd my mom made me full of Oldies and put the kids to work cleaning. Jimmy came home from work earlier than usual so we hung out and had a good time.

This morning, I got up and cooked french toast for us. NOT thinking, I gave Jackson a slice with strawberry jelly. It wasn't until AFTER he ate it and I cleaned him up that I was smacking myself for giving him french toast that I'd dipped in egg mixture. Thankfully, he only got a few little splotches on his cheeks that went away after an hour or so.

We hung out at home all day. I went and bought a new folding table and chairs and we spent the afternoon playing Monopoly until Jimmy grilled some cheeseburgers (on the indoor grill since it was so windy today.) This evening, we played Yahtzee. I barely beat Jay at Monopoly (he had hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk. LOL) Justin kicked ass in Yahtzee.

It was a great weekend! I do NOT like Sunday evenings knowing the kids go to school the next morning and Jimmy goes to work. I LOVE our weekends. (SIGH)

Oh and because of me playing the Oldies cd, I caught the kids singing songs from it several times over the weekend. LOL

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lilmama (Peggy) said...

They are good songs. I'm surprised they remembered them. I love you baby.