Monday, March 26, 2007

Much better!

YAY! Jackson has been puke free all day today. It was so awesome seeing him play and smile again. There was no school today, so it was such a long day! I started out making them give their rooms a good cleaning. I managed to get Justin and Korinne motivated by having them "race" me. If they finished their room before I finished the kitchen, we'd do arts and crafts. That worked. They finished at a quarter to 10. Yes they beat me. LOL

Jay, on the other hand, proved harder to bribe. LOL But he did finish a few minutes after 11.

It's a good thing they cleaned because I got a notice from the office that they're doing inspections Wednesday. Supposedly to inspect maintenance items, appliances and general condition. They're starting the inspections at 9am. So sometime between 9-5, they'll be here. I hate being inconvenienced. And Jackson has his speech therapy at 11. I don't think I've ever lived anywhere where there was an inspection. They do have maintenance prevention every couple of months, where they check the hot water heater, fire extinguisher, faucets, etc. But to do an inspection on the condition?

Jimmy and I are seriously hoping to buy a house soon. I'm tired of the people around here. The kids around here have no respect for other people or their property. The other day, Korinne and the boys were outside playing. Korinne's bike was maybe a hundred feet from her. Yet I watched this older boy hop on her bike and start riding it around. I went out there and fussed at him. He said, "Well she just left it here." I pointed and said, "She's right there! How about you stop taking things that aren't yours." It's not the first time I've had to chase down their bikes. Even when they're been parked on our porch!

That's one of the main reasons we want to move. The other is next year because their school is doing renovations, the students will be bused to Ron McNair off Spruil Avenue. I do NOT think so! If I wanted my children to go to school over there, I'd live over there! I will do anything in my power to keep my kids from going to school in that area. I know the staff will be the same, but I just will not feel comfortable with my children being over there. So, not gonna happen!

Anyway, wish us luck on finding something big enough yet affordable.

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