Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mommy Brag!

The boys get out of school early tomorrow due to parent/teacher conferences. This morning, I emailed both teachers inquiring as to when I'm supposed to be at the school tomorrow. Usually I recieve a notice asking me to give three times I'm available.

Justin's teacher emailed me at lunchtime. Here's her email..."hey Katee- conferences were only scheduled for struggling students, but I am happy to sit down with you or set up a telephone conference about your wonderful son Justin. He is reading and writing on a 2nd grade level most of the time, and his critical thinking skills are way beyond his young age. He is a sponge- he loves soaking up everything you put in front in front of him- in ANY subject! He is self-motivated and eager to contribute in any topic- I am so proud of all his growth and progress in written and oral expression. I have sent him to the principal and various 1st grade teachers to show off his creative writing ability! What a wonderful and caring young man you have raised! Congratulations!"

I was so proud, I had tears in my eyes. Jimmy strted teasing me about it. LOL I'm so proud of my young man. And to think he's only in kindergarten! LOL

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