Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What a bunch of bull!

I decided, for fun, to get auto insurance quotes online so see if we could find something less expensive.

We currently have GEICO with coverage on 3 vehicles. Lucy Blue is full coverage with ERS at 25/50/25. Deductible at $250. The Tempo is liability with comprehensive, same limits as Lucy Blue. The truck liability only. We pay $657 every 6 months. I've had one accident I was at fault in in the past 3 years. Jimmy has had one ticket for a seat belt violation.

The lowest quote we got was from a company I'd never heard of (and I used to be an auto insurance agent at Beach and Beach and later at GEICO) at over $900 every 6 months. Progressive was almost $1100 every 6 months.

Those people are totally smoking crack or something. I even emailed progressive and told them they were out of their minds. They claim they can save more money than GEICO, yet they were quoting me $400 MORE than GEICO. Go figure.

I think I'll stick with GEICO. Forget those other companies. Plus, I LOVE those caveman commercials. LOL

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