Sunday, January 25, 2009

Psycho Neighbor pt. 2

A few weeks ago it had warmed enough the kids were outside playing. Justin said Jay had sat on the neighbors swing. It's just a bench type swing, nothing fancy or anything. So I told Jay to stay off the swing as it's not ours. I step outside and Steve leans on our carport and says something to me. I didn't hear since I was reading a book. So I looked up and asked what he'd said. He said, "Would you please tell your kids to stay off my swing?" He was beligerent about it. I said, "Ok." And went back to my book. He got mad and slammed his front door. At that time, Korinne comes over and said Steve told them they couldn't play inthe back. We have a HUGE back yard. Jimmy comes out and I tell him what Korinne said. So we walk to the back where she, Justin and Justin's friend were playing. I asked them to show me where they were playing when Steve fussed at them. All three showed us, which was clearly in OUR back yard. So I pointed to this tree that is just on the border and I told them not to go past the tree. Steve comes out the back and starts yelling and cussing at me. Then starts yelling and cussing at Jimmy. Jimmy said, "There's no reason for you to talk to us that way. You told us to keep our kids off of your swing. They'll stay off. Not a big deal." I guess Steve didn't like that because he yelled he was going to call the law! LOL Jimmy told them to go ahead. Our kids have not been in their yard. Steve has since moved the swing to the side of the house with a sign saying $25.00. LOL No one has bought it. It's definitely not worth what he wants for it. LOL

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Ami said...

I already want to drive down there and kick your neighbor you-know-where.