Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blogger Beta?

For those on blogspot, are any of you using the beta program? I'm not quite sure how I like it. Though I did finally get a picture in my profile. So I'm quite happy about that. LOL

I don't understand the rest yet. I can change my templates fairly easy, but I'm worried I'll lose something and I just don't know how I'd go about fixing it back. LOL For anyone using the Beta program, what can you tell me that will help and make it easy and fun? Thanks in advance. :)


Ami said...

I just switched over myself, so can't offer any good hints, tricks, or other ideas. I don't know yet if I like it. Until I switched over, I was unable to comment on blogger blogs. (for about the last three days or so)

like the picture, btw, it's interesting

Anonymous said...

I switched and it has made it difficult for people to post comments.

Jan B said...

I like the beta blogger. I have been on it for a couple of months. Are there any specific issues that you are having? If there are you could run them by me and I can try to help.

Specifically, I like being able to alter the format without losing posts and being able to customize the colors. That's nice. I haven't hit any glitches so far. I considered using wordpress, but couldn't find any real advantages.

One thing that I do like is that the RSS feed is very easy to set up with the beta blogger. People who blog on their own domain have a much harder time setting it up.