Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's been a while since my last entry. Ok a whole 10 days! The boys have gone off to school. Jay is in Honors ELA and prealgebra. Quite impressive for a 6th grader! Maybe. We're having a fight over him eating breakfast at school. I buy plenty of choices for breakfast. Since he had reduced lunch last year, he automatically has it for the first ten days. After that, I know he won't qualify. It's bad enough lunch is $1.65. I'm not paying extra for him to eat breakfast there! Justin is picky, so he doesn't bother with school food. He eats breakfast at home and takes a lunch every day. I do give him money for milk.

Over the summer, while in the Homework Club, he was doing 2nd and 3rd grade work. He's almost got multiplication down up to 12. He's coming home with math sheets that are filled with easy one plus one problems. He's completely bored. I'm giving it til the end of next week before I make an appointment with his teacher and guidance counselor or whatever. I don't want him to be so bored he gets disruptive. He's an excellent student and definitely needs to be challenged more. I hate where he's going to school. Oh not the school itself. It's a wonderful school. But since the original school is being rebuilt, the entire school is transferred to another area. An area I haven't been in in over ten years.

That being said, I didn't register Korinne for pre-k. It's bad enough one is in that area, I didn't want two. Now I'm wondering if I'm being unfair to her. I'm sure she would have been accepted into pre-k. And I know she would have loved it. I'm also sure it's too late now since the classes have already been filled. I can remedy my error though. I can teach her myself. Or start to. Since I won't have to answer to anyone on what I'm teaching, it shouldn't be too overwhelming. Wish me luck! LOL

Jackson turned two last Saturday. TWO! The day before his birthday, my sister came over to borrow Justin's suit for my nephew Alex. Her baby turned one in April. He and Jackson are in the same size clothes, though Christopher can wear the next size up while Jackson can't. My tiny baby! I refuse to call him a toddler until he's in at least a size 2T! LOL Jimmy says I'm in denial. Damn right I am! He wears size 12 months clothes! He's not a toddler! LOL We bought him this cute little bicycle for his birthday. The seat is a foot off the ground. My little guy can't even reach the pedals. LOL So he sits on the seat and Korinne pushes him around the living room and hallway. LOL It's really cute!

So that's what's been going on here in SunniePatch. We're all alive (yay), healthy (yay) and happy (YAY!)

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