Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Whatever to Me!

Happy Halloween! Happy All Saints Day. Happy whatever! I took Jay and Jackson trick-or-treating last night. Justin and Korinne went with our neighbors to their church. We have a HUGE bowl filled with candy from just Jay and Jackson. Jay was a monk (Jimmy's costume) and Jackson was a cow (Justin's costume 5 years ago.) Jackson was so cute that several people wanted his picture and most everyone gave him extra candy. He really was cute. I'll have to dress him up again and whip out the camera.

Justin and Korinne didn't get home until 11. They were out like lights within 5 minutes. LOL I still haven't gone through their bags of candy. But it looks like our candy supply doubled.

Tonight we went to a costume party with one of Jimmy's cousins. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast!

Today we realized that somehow my social security number is on Jimmy's paystubs. NO idea how that happened. Ok well the only thing we can think of is I mistakenly put my social down when I filled out his application for him (my handwriting is neater.) On the other hand, he filled out his own W2 form so he would have put his own social down. Either way, we have to get this fixed ASAP. Otherwise we could be in a world of trouble. Wish us luck on that!

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