Monday, February 16, 2009

Save me from missing/lost dogs!

Saturday, Jay came home with this teeny tiny weiner dog. Dachshund, I'm sure. She has a collar and a flea collar, but nothing else for me to go on. We tied her up in the front yard hoping someone would drive by and claim her. No luck. We brought her inside Saturday night because it was cold and she has such short hair. Our cat did NOT like that at all! LOL

Sunday I printed out pics of her and wrote a found dog message and my cell number. Jay hung them up up and down our street. So far no calls.

Meanwhile, last night another dog showed up on our porch. This one a very furry Lassie looking dog, with a collar but no way to find an owner. This one has been camped out on our porch in front of the screen door. One of my neighbors knows where Lassie dog lives but he keeps coming back to my porch. I haven't fed him, but he won't go home. As far as weiner dog, I'm going to call the local paper and have them put an ad for Wednesday's paper for found dog. Hopefully, someone will come forward. She's obviously an indoor dog so someone should be missing her.

If by the end of the week, no one claims either dog, I'm calling the dog pound. I hate to do that, but I don't want to be held responsible for either dog if one of them bites someone. I would love a dog, but I want one as a puppy so I can it and get to know it right off. Right now, Lassie looking dog is still blocking my screen door. Weinder dog is in a dog crate I borrowed from a neighbor. My cat doesn't mess on the floor, I'm not about to put up with someone else's dog messing on my floor. LOL

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