Saturday, October 20, 2007

Job/Life update

Well I got a job. Something easy that requires no more thought than the difference between types of tomatoes. @@ I'm a cashier at the Food Lion around the corner from me. I'm there so much, I figured I may as well get a job there. It was amusing to me that I would have to tell new cashiers which buttons to push for my WIC vouchers. Now watch, everything I helped them with will go right out the window now that it's me that has to do it. LOL

So I work evenings. So Jimmy's home with the kids. I started Wednesday and spent the entire time watching or reading training sites. Taking tests which I scored 100 on all. Though one had the nerve to say I hesitated on recognizing some produce. One in question was jalapeno peppers mixed in with tomatoes. Sorry, but that computer was full of it, I know what the hell a jalapeno looks like!

While in the middle of a video on alcohol and tobacco sales, the manager gets on the loud speaker and says, "Will the owner of a blue Chevy van, please come to the office." I drive a blue GMC Safari, that's ALWAYS mistaken for a Chevy Astro. However, I knew immediately, he was talking about MY van. So I went running to the front, thinking someone had broken into it and my purse was hidden under the passenger seat. Nope. A customer had witnessed to old ladies in a silver PT Cruiser back into my van. One got out, ran her hand along my bumper, their bumper then leaving the scene. (Shame on the old bat that should not be driving for leaving the scene of a crime!) So I called Jimmy to find out what I should do. The only damage I saw on my bumper was a chip of paint less than the size of a dime missing. Jimmy laughed and said most likely there was more damage to the pt cruisers bumper than ours. Apparently the out bumper of a pt cruiser is designed to disguise damage. But underneath the bumper cover is where the damage really is. So good for you, old lady in the silver PT Cruiser that pulled a hit and run!

Anyway, I was supposed to work Thursday also, starting on the register. However, I was up half the night Wednesday night with a toothache. Come Thursday morning, it was so bad, I couldn't even swallow water. I deduced that it was a wisdom tooth on my lower right side. So I called around trying to price the extraction. I was in tears after a while because I didn't have the money they required and I was in pain and starving.

I finally reached the right person at MUSC and was told to go to the MUSC ER Oral Clinic. I convinced Jimmy to take the afternoon off to take me...just in case they pulled the tooth. We get there. They do xrays and tell me I need two molars pulled. I'm sent upstairs to the people that do the extractions and after them looking, they tell me it's NOT my molars it's the wisdom tooth. (DUH! I tried telling them that.)

Turns out my wisdom tooth is impacted and became infected, which caused my entire lower jaw to become swollen and prevent me from swallowing. They poked, prodded, irrigated and then shaved the sharp edges on my top teeth because they were digging into the swelling. I was sent home with scripts for antibiotics and painkillers and an appointment next month to see an oral surgeon.

While half numb in my mouth, I managed to ask the students if this was going to cost me an arm, or an arm and a leg. LOL They asked the dental teacher and he said "how about for free?" He'd already learned from me that I have bad teeth because I can't afford going to a dentist, I scrimp and save so my 4 children DO go to the dentist, etc.

Anyway, I wasn't able to work Thursday, but my manager was very understanding and said not to worry, just come in on Sunday as scheduled. Like I said, I'm in there so much they know a lot about me.

Well last night, we had tickets to see Jeff Dunham. No way was I going to waste the price of those tickets because of a swollen jaw or anything! LOL Thankfully, the swelling dropped significantly with the antibiotics. We saw Jeff Dunham. He's a ventriloquist. Extremely hilarious! I laughed so hard that I had to take a painkiller when we got home because my jaw was throbbing!

So I'm off to work tomorrow to learn how to run a register Food Lion's way. Oh Justin lost another tooth tonight. So now he's missing his two front top teeth and one bottom next to his two front bottom teeth.

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