Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Did I mention???

We bought a new car? I know I mentioned the Lincoln...promptly named Lizzie. But we also won a '90 GMC Suburban off eBay. A local seller that had it less than a mile from Jimmy's work. So now we have two vehicles that will seat all 6 of us, plus money left in the bank to allow us to take the kids to Tennessee for Spring Break. We're going to see my in-laws. I cannot wait! We haven't picked a name for the Suburb yet...though I think it might be named the Suburb since that's what we've been calling her. LOL

I'm so not used to driving either yet. Well I haven't driven the suburb yet. But I drove Lizzie downtown last week because Jackson had an appointment. And let me tell, Lizzie and the Rutledge parking garage do NOT get along. My arse was clenched so tight, I was so nervous I was going to hit something...I drove to the top floor so I'd know I could get in and out easily enough. LOL I was going around the corners when other cars were coming that freaked me out. I am so not used to long front ends anymore. LOL

I kinda took on another tentative job. One of Jay's friends...his mom needed a sitter for her two younger ones. Her daughter is the same age as Korinne and her youngest son is the same age as Jackson. So they all have someone their age to play with. I've watched them twice so far and it's been easy. Her job is flexible so we've got it worked out that when Jackson has an appointment, she'll take the time off and watch Korinne for me. Plus she has an acquaintance that has a catering company and on Mondays always has leftover stuff. She gives it to my friend, who splits it with me. I had so much fruit this week, I sent a lot with Jimmy to work. But I have to admit, it's nice having a fridge full of delicious and healthy snacks. LOL

I'm long winded. I've been so busy I haven't posted in almost a month. It's all catching up with me. LOL I'm done now. My fingers are starting to hurt. LOL

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