Wednesday, March 12, 2008

People amuse me

Seriously. LOL I've been working at a grocery store 5 minutes away since just before Jimmy had his surgery in October. Just when I think I've seen it all, here comes this woman tonight. She comes to my register already belligerent. As I'm ringing up her items, she's commenting on how such and such is buy one get one free, how such and such it reduced price. She says every time she comes in she goes home with her receipt and realizes she was charged for something she shouldn't have been charged for. So she says, "I'm not paying for anything until we go over the receipt." Patiently, I attempt to go over the receipt with her. This week, our Lays chips are BOGO. She's purchased a bag of Lays and a bag of Ruffles. She insists the Ruffles are BOGO also. So I tell her I'd go check. On the way to the chip aisle, I grab our assistant manager for a witness. No, the Ruffles were not BOGO. They happened to be placed beside the Lays, which clearly say BOGO...the Ruffles did not. Then we have select varieties of the HungryMan meals BOGO with a limit of 2. She's purchased 6. She argues that she should have gotten 3 free. It upsets her more when I point out the sale paper says a limit of 2. So she grabs two and tells me to void them, which I do. At this point customers behind her move to a different register and start complaining loudly about her. She glares at them and says, "If they would get their prices right, I wouldn't be holding up the line." The other customer retorts, "If you paid more attention to the sale paper and the tags on the shelves, the line wouldn't be held up." Of course this pissed her off more. She tells my assistant manager that last Wednesday (which is when our new sales begin) that she bought Ruffles and they were BOGO. She said, "I can bring the receipt and show you." To which the AM says, "Ok, please do." Of course that pisses her off more. She demands the district headquarters number.

After her receipt finishes printing, I circled the toll free number for her then cheerfully told her to have a nice day. If looks could kill, I'd be dead thrice over. LOL She came back in a few minutes later and caught the manager. She was complaining that when I voided the two Hungryman dinners, she only got one for said select varieties. Our shelves are clearly marked which ones are BOGO. I went and checked. So to appease her, he refunded her the money for one of them. As she left, I again cheerfully told her to have a nice evening...pissing her off even more. A few minutes later, here she is again, assaulting the manager about the chips. He patiently explains to her that neither the AM nor I did anything wrong and that her receipt is correct. Again, as she leaves I give her a cheerful farewell. LOL She comes in AGAIN a few minutes later to get the district number. Again she recieves a cheerful farewell.

I do not do well with people in my face cussing at me or having an attitude. But I realized quickly that I could piss her off more by being so nice and professional than I could losing my temper as well as my job. LOL That was really fun! LOL Oh and get this....she calls later in the evening yelling at a co-worker to get the district's number. LOL

Seriously...isn't it easier to catch flies with honey? This woman was maybe early 50s....completely showing her ass....and ended up looking like a fool to the other customers. She told the manager that she shops there all the time, yet those of us working, who are there at any given time during the week have never seen her. I'd love for her to bring in her last receipt. I guarantee it'll be before Wednesday of last week. Cause I know the Ruffles were not on sale after Wednesday. How do I know? I not only work there, I shop there. I take advantage of the BOGOs....but I tend to pay attention to what's really BOGO. LOL

On another note, our store has been asking for donations for Easter Seals for about a month or so. Easter Seals is a charity that helps disabled children in Charleston. I've been the top seller since it began. I don't know why, but I have. Maybe because a lot of my customers are regulars and have heard a little about Jackson's problems. Well tonight when I walked in a co-worker told me that now that I was there, a competition begins. The first person to sell 30 cards for donation will recieve $20 out of the AM's pocket. I was there 20 minutes when I said, "I'm halfway there, Old Man!" LOL Of course, I won the $20. In the end from the time I clocked in to the time I clocked out, I sold 65 cards. That keeps me as the top seller since we began selling them. And I'm only there for 4 1/2 hours a few nights a week. We raised a lot of money for Easter Seals and that makes me happy. I'm so grateful for all the help Jackson has recieved that I'm an advocate for others to help.

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