Monday, April 07, 2008


I posted back in December about a trip we took the the Hatchery, where we used to go fishing. There was almost no water. Well yesterday, we decided to take another trip to walk around. When we got over the hill, we saw about 20 trucks and trailers parked. We see lots of water and lots of people fishing. We decided to walk through the woods again. But we couldn't walk as far since the water was back. Jimmy walked to the edge to cast out a couple of times. The kids and I saw this beautiful butterfly. (Seen below) As we were walking back, I'm looking at the water and I stop and say, "Is that an alligator? That's an alligator!" The alligator freezes so Jimmy wasn't sure. He picks up a rock and heads to the edge. I loudly whisper, "Are you out of your fricken mind? That's an alligator!" Before he does anything the alligator disappears under water. Jimmy looks up and the kids and I are walking fast the hell away from there. LOL

We get back to where others are fishing and find a spot to cast off. There was this milk gallon with the top cut off and a lizard was inside. The boys let it free. Where did it go? Straight up my leg. So I start jumping around and screaming like the girl I am, trying to get it off my leg. Jimmy and the boys found this extremely hilarious. Apparently, when I screamed, I scared some nearby boater that one almost fell overboard. Jimmy yelled, "Gotta love lizards." The woman on the boat glared at Jimmy while the men laughed. Like she was offended that Jimmy would laugh at me. LOL Oh it's funny now. But dammit, I don't like things crawling on me. LOL So here are some pics we took...

The butterfly pic I took
The butterfly pic Jimmy took Pic from the loading area Pic taken in area the lizard attacked me. LOL

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Sonia said...

attack of the killer lizard! Heh heh. Long time no see! Sorry I've been a bad bad bloggin' buddy.