Sunday, December 30, 2007

So sad!

Yesterday, we decided to take a trip to the Hatchery in Moncks Corner. What we saw was completely depressing. We took the kids fishing there last year and it was such fun. When we went over the summer, the water level had dropped a couple of feet but was still fishable. This. This was just devestating! There's no way to fish now. Boats can no longer enjoy a ride through the lake...not that that mattered to me since we have no boat. LOL
Here are some pics I took...
We used to stand by the tree closest to the water on the left.
A view from the boat ramp...that is blocked off now. We're actually walking where the lake should be. A tree or something, that used to be under water. A dead snake I almost stepped on. I didn't realize it was dead until after I screamed and ran. LOL It was curled when I almost stepped on it. Jimmy said it was a water mocassin.

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Ami said...

I emailed you. Twice.

The email 'bounced'.

So if you email me, and I don't answer, it's 'cause Comcast is bouncing emails. (Three friends, also with comcast have bounced mail from me today as well)