Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cheerleading and Band concerts

Korinne had her first practice tonight. Though had to leave 30 minutes early. I somehow got roped into being a "team Mom." LOL I'm not quite sure what that entails yet. But I have gathered that I have to learn the cheers also and help the girls learn it. I think I'll have to make phone calls every once in awhile. I'll find out more at her Saturday practice.

So onto Jay's band concert (the reason we left early). He did so well! I'm so proud of him. We took the camcorder, of course. But I haven't uploaded it to the puter yet. I'll try that this weekend. Yeah I got all teary eyed. LOL I could tell he was nervous. But he did wonderful. And I was very impressed with the 8th grade band, not so much the 8th grade strings. But the band was excellent!

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