Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just rambling....

Jimmy went into work this morning. His sister left her mustang convertible with us for the week while she goes to Tennessee to visit their parents. He's supposed to just be painting one side of the car that's peeling. But because of everything she's done to help us, he's planning on painting the entire car. Anyway, so he drove that to work and I loaded the kids into Lucy Blue and went grocery shopping. Started out at the store I work at. Got cereal for the kids for 99 cents (Shrek and chocholate Cookie Crisp) and YOGOs for 99 cents! Not to mention some awesome deals on chicken quarters. For those that have a Food Lion around and have kids that eat those particular items, go check it out. If the store is out, get a raincheck!

Afterwards, we went to the store I regularly shop at. OMG I could have beaten Jay and Justin. They were so hyper and bouncing all over the place. Playing and fighting with each other that I was tempted to just pop them both, not caring who saw. LOL

After the shopping, we had just enough time for the kids to eat lunch before Korinne had cheerleading practice. I let Jay stay home by himself...though it was only 30 minutes. I think he peeked into the Christmas presents because the tape was different on the boxes they're in. LOL

Practice was a joke! Her coaches didn't even show up. So we had some guy...that was so obviously gay...trying to teach them how to jump. Now I'm not opposed to gay people. I have a couple of relatives that are gay. But they don't talk condescendingly towards people. This guy talked so not only to the girls but to us team moms. I just sat down and let him do his own thing. It was obvious he didn't want the help we were asked to give.

I was supposed to study this afternoon, but I just couldn't get myself into it. The kids were too distracting. LOL I work tomorrow from 8:30-3:30, so I'll study after that.

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