Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy week

I'm going to be so busy this week. I work every night but Wednesday. Though Wednesday, Justin has basketball practice and I'm taking my exam. (I'll be off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so that'll be cool.)

Jackson is still sick. I guess that's another doctor's appointment. He's so congested that when he coughs he gags. But he doesn't understand to just let it come up. Tonight while at work, Jimmy brought out some towels and told Jackson if he needed to get sick to do it on the towel. Jimmy simulated getting sick. So Jackson would lean over the towel and just make the noises. It was a lot funnier when Jimmy was showing me and making the sound effects. LOL

Now let's add in laundry, a trip to the WIC office, oh and tomorrow is the boys' last day before Christmas break. I'm looking forward to things calming down.

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