Friday, December 07, 2007

My day

Jimmy had a follow up appointment for his knee this morning. All is well. He wanted us to go with him for support, though all we did was sit in the waiting room. Then we took him to work. One of the higher ups told me to come back around 2 to pick up Jimmy's check. So 2 comes around and the two little ones and I head to the shop. After standing around for 30 minutes, I'm told by one of the guys in the office that the big boss isn't there and he doesn't know where the checks are, if they're even ready, but said he'd call me as soon as he had Jimmy's check in hand. Of course, I'm trying not to panic, because I know I have to be home from 3:30-4:00 for the boys to get off their buses. I know I have to deposit some money into Jimmy's account to make the van payment.

So I leave to head home. I get 5 minutes from home (10 minutes from Jimmy's work) when I get a call saying he has Jimmy's check. That they had been ready but the big boss hadn't told anyone. So I make this big circle back to Jimmy's work. I get his check, head to my bank for a deposit, then Jimmy's bank for a deposit. At Jimmy's bank my low fuel light comes on. Now my gas gauge doesn't work. It either says full or low fuel, so we've learned to calculate when to put gas in...well somewhat. LOL So while in the drive thru for Jimmy's bank, I'm repeating, "Oh please let me make it to the gas station, please let me make it to the gas station." Oh I made it, thankfully. LOL

I get home 5 minutes before Justin got off the bus. When Jay got home, we headed to the store to get something for dinner before going to get Jimmy from work. After dinner, Jackson and I went to Kmart to get our stuff off lay-a-way.

Lay-a-way was a pain in the ass. We went to one area to pay it off then had to wait in another area to pick it up. Apparently, instead of going in order of those in line, they were picking things at random. Oh I won't complain since mine was one picked in random and I didn't wait as long as I thought. LOL Jackson and I head to the van. There's this explorer parked beside us with this guy and toddler in the front. I assumed they were waiting for someone. The guy must not have noticed us because I hear him say, "Boy, I will punch you in f-ing mouth!" At that point he notices me putting Jackson in his car seat cause I hear, "Baby, you can't do that. Don't write on that." Sounding all sweet and shit. That's when I loudly remarked to Jackson, "I'd be damned if I'd ever let your Daddy talk to you that way. Some people shouldn't breed." The guy didn't have a chance to respond because I was getting in the van and had shut the door. What the hell? That poor baby. I can only imagine how he's treated when no one is looking.

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