Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm...

So I'm at work tonight and this guy comes in, drunkoff his ass. I mean he totally reeked. I'm ringing up a customer (who bought over $330 worth of stuff) and a coworker is bagging (customer wanted everything in paper bags.) Well this drunk guy comes in and is telling Chris (the bagger) that he's plugging in his laptop outside and wants Chris to go watch it for him. Chris tells him he can't do that, he's working. So the guy mumbles something and leaves. He comes back about an hour or so later and buys a bag of chips and dip. I wondered if he'd fallen outside because one hand was missing several chunks of skin. Well he pays for the chips then hands me a corner of a 5 dollar bill. Like where the serial numbers are, but opposite side. He goes to hand this to me and asks if I can give him a different 5 in exchange. Trying not to laugh, I told him I couldn't do that. After he left, I told the other cashier about it. Well then he comes back in to buy a pack of cigarettes but goes through the other lane. He tries to use the corner of the 5. But again is told he would have to go to the bank or something. Though the other cashier went a step further and asked where the rest of the 5 was. LOL I really was thinking, "Hmmmmm." LOL

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Ami said...

Oh good grief.

Nothing more weird than the general public, I guess.