Saturday, December 08, 2007

I'm quite proud of myself...

Usually when someone comes at me yelling and cursing, I yell and curse back. Today, I held myself in check, surprising both myself and Jimmy. LOL

Today, Justin was playing with his friend, Koby, at Koby's apartment. Justin comes home saying Koby was starting fires and stomping them out. Then started a fire in a tree close to Koby's apartment. Justin swore he was not starting any fires. When I asked him where the lighter came from he said Koby got it from his apartment. So we told Justin he was to stay inside the rest of the day. I went to find Koby's mother to talk to her and find out what was going on. I'd just stepped onto my porch when she comes marching up yelling that Justin was no longer allowed at her home for starting fires. I said, "Ok but wasn't Koby doing it too?" She went on yelling and cussing. I told her there was no need to get an attitude or curse at me. That seemed to only enrage her more. I told her, her behavior was making her an immature mother (which she really is...she had Koby at 15 and another baby at 17 and her attitude matches her maturity.) She told me I was an immature mother and that I should watch my son better. I said, "They were at YOUR home. So obviously YOU weren't watching them." Then she got in her car and peeled out. @@ I told Justin he was no longer allowed to play with Koby.

It's sad that Koby has to pay for his mother's attitude. I'm just not putting up with that bullshit. I take responsibility for my children. But she's the type of mom that blames others when Koby gets in trouble. I know I posted about her last summer when the boys were playing on a trailer that rolled down and hit another car. She and her mother were beligerent and saying the trailer shouldn't have been there. They didn't like me reminding them that regardless, our children were playing on it so we were responsible for any damages. They said they weren't paying a dime.

It's interesting to me that when the boys are playing over here they don't get into trouble. Why? Because I'm constantly checking on them. My windows are open so I can hear them.

I'm curious to see what, if anything, Koby's grandmother says to me at the bus stop Monday morning. That'll be interesting (evil gleam in eye. LOL) Oh yeah, Koby, his sister, mother and mother's boyfriend live with Koby's grandma

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