Sunday, December 23, 2007

Free ham

Did I mention I got a free 10 lb ham yesterday? During our second trip to the store for ingredients needed for all the stuff I cooked, I was behind this man buying over $777 worth of ham for his employees. After he finished paying, he asked if the bagger could help him load the ham into his truck. Said he was going to pull his truck up front. So I told Jay to help him since I could see his truck and see Jay. We pay for our items and go outside to help also. When I pick up the last ham (he had 4 carts full) to hand it to him, he said, "It's yours." I protested. And he said, "I always buy extra just in case. You and your kids helped me with the ham. You keep it." I didn't catch his name but he had on a shirt with the name Lawn-O-Green, Inc. So thank you to the man that gave us a ham.

I don't even know how to cook a ham. But I'll figure it out. LOL I'm searching for how to cook it in an electric oven roaster. So if anyone has any tips, please share them with me by Monday night. LOL Thanks in advance.

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imabug said...

Hams are pretty simple. Mom used to pour a can or two of Coke over one, stick it in the oven and bake at 350 for a couple hours.

i've done this ham recipe from Good Eats once. Simple, not too complicated and it turned out pretty good.,,FOOD_9936_15538,00.html