Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Heebie Jeebies!

::::::Shuddering::::::This afternoon after we got up from our naps, we decided to go check the mail. On the way back, we stopped to talk to some of the kids' friends. I'm standing there and I hear this squeal. I look down to see I'm standing on....ready for this? A FRICKING BAT! Its little head was up and its mouth was wide open. So, I of course do the whole girl thing and scream and run away dragging Jackson with me and yelling for Korinne to follow. LOL The bat doesn't move. So I creep back thinking I've killed the little thing. I see the body moving with the heartbeat. So I drag all the kids away with me to hunt down a maintenance worker. (I didn't want any kids playing with it and get hurt.) When I tracked one down, he followed me and teased me for killing the bat. Like I knew I was standing on a fricking bat. LOL So he grabs a piece of trash and carefully tries to lift it. He gets one wing off the ground and the bat takes off flying. Again, I do the whole girl thing, grab my kids and run. LOL Oh I laughed about it the entire time.

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Ami said...

Bats are gentle creatures.

Unless they're rabid.