Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One for the day

I am begrudgingly admitting that I'm liking having a job. Getting a paycheck today was such a wonderful thing. I was able to pay rent. WOOHOO! Granted I hate that it went up again. But my check helped pay it. Plus it gives me gas money and this and that money until Jimmy gets paid on Friday.

I have to get stuff off Lay-a-way on Saturday. No idea where I'm gonna stash it so the kids don't find it. LOL The other things are in the trunk of Jimmy's car at his work. But he no longer has a key so we can't stash it there until Monday. That's two days I have to figure out where to hide them. LOL Wish me luck.

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Ami said...

My job is a tremendous help to our family, too. I don't make a boatload of money, but every little bit helps.

Good luck hiding the presents.